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Currency exchange value is subjected to market fluctuation. Exchange rate as on Jul 15, 2024.


Today's AUD to USD exchange rate is NaN. Check the current AUD to USD exchange rate below for more details.

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1 AUD to USD Exchange Rate Last 7 days



  • 0.642086

  • 0.644469

  • 0.644178

  • 0.644124

  • 0.642794

  • 0.646624

  • 0.644625

Australian Dollar to US Dollar Conversions



Overview of Australian Dollar (AUD)

When we talk about the world's strongest currencies, the USD comes to mind after Kuwaiti Dinar, Bahraini Dinar, British Pound Sterling, and others. An Australian Dollar is no exception. It might not be in the top 10 list, but it is among the world's most powerful currencies. If you wish to discover the easiest way to convert USD to AUD, you are at the right place. However, the AUD to USD conversion asks you to familiarise yourself with specific pointers, such as today's exchange rate. The US dollar is widely accepted as a currency in many places. As a result, foreign currency values are calculated by comparing them to the US dollar. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to help you convert AUD to USD.

Convert AUD to USD

Currency conversion might be a daunting task, but with the help of UMOceania's currency converter, you can convert desirable values from AUD to USD in a fraction of a second. Just enter the value in the converter and get the converted output.

You can even convert AUD to USD manually. 1 AUD = 0.68 US $, and to convert AUD to USD, we multiply the supplied value of AUD by 0.68 USD.

This 1 AUD to US dollar value is considered a parameter for converting AUD to USD.

Let's use some examples to understand how to put AUD to USD conversion forward.

Note: We are using the AUD USD live chart value of December 12, 2022.

Convert 100 AUD to USD

To convert 100 AUD to US dollars, we are considering 1 AUD to dollar value equal to 0.68 $

Now, multiply 100 Australian dollars by 0.68 dollars, equating to 67.78 dollars.

100 AUD = 67.78 USD.

Convert 1000 AUD to USD

To convert 1000 AUD to US dollars, we are considering 1 AUD to dollar value equal to 0.68 $

Now, multiply 1000 Australian dollars by 0.68 dollars, equating to 677.80 dollars.

1000 AUD = 677.80 USD.

Convert 5000 AUD to USD

To convert 5000 AUD to US dollars, we are considering 1 AUD to dollar value equal to 0.68 $

Now, multiply 5000 Australian dollars by 0.68 dollars, equating to 3389.00 dollars.

5000 AUD = 3389.00 USD.

Convert 10000 AUD to USD

To convert 10000 AUD to US dollars, we are considering 1 AUD to dollar value equal to 0.68 $

Now, multiply 10000 Australian dollars by 0.68 dollars, equating to 6778.00 dollars.

10000 AUD = 6778.00 USD.

AUD to USD Currency Conversion Chart

Now get the converted currency value at a glance. Here we have compiled the list of the most converted AUD to USD values.

AUD to USD Converted Value
1 AUD to USD 0.677386 USD
5 AUD to USD 3.38693 USD
10 AUD to USD 6.77386 USD
25 AUD to USD 16.9347 USD
50 AUD to USD 33.8693 USD
100 AUD to USD 67.7386 USD
500 AUD to USD 338.693 USD
1,000 AUD to USD 677.386 USD
5,000 AUD to USD 3,386.93 USD
10,000 AUD to USD 6,773.86 USD
50,000 AUD to USD 33,869.3 USD

Forecasted Rates for the Australian Dollar (AUD) and US Dollar

As per the expert forecasts, there will be a slight increase in the AUD/USD rate to the US dollar of 0.681 per Australian dollar in the last month of 2022. The prediction reveals the AUD/USD rate might clock at USD 0.700 per AUD at the start of 2023. In February, it is expected to go to USD 0.739 per AUD (highest), whereas it will be lowest in July 2023 at USD 0.689 AUD.

Here's how the forecasted rates for the Australian and US dollars are expected to fluctuate in 2023.

Month Open Low-High Close
January 0.698 USD 0.672-0.728 USD 0.717 USD
February 0.717 USD 0.717-0.750 USD 0.739 USD
March 0.739 USD 0.727-0.749 USD 0.738 USD
April 0.738 USD 0.705-0.738 USD 0.716 USD
May 0.716 USD 0.691-0.716 USD 0.702 USD
June 0.702 USD 0.699-0.721 USD 0.710 USD
July 0.710 USD 0.679-0.710 USD 0.689 USD
August 0.689 USD 0.688-0.708 USD 0.698 USD
September 0.698 USD 0.667-0.698 USD 0.677 USD
October 0.677 USD 0.677-0.707 USD 0.697 USD
November 0.697 USD 0.697-0.727 USD 0.716 USD
December 0.716 USD 0.686-0.716 USD 0.696 USD

1 AUD to US Dollar Stats for Last 3 Months

Last 30 Days (1 Month) Last 90 Days (3 Months)
High 0.68126 USD 0.68936 USD
Low 0.66071 USD 0.62003 USD
Average 0.67240 USD 0.65506 USD
Volatility 0.74 Percent 0.88 Percent

Where to Find the Best AUD to USD Exchange Rates?

Currency exchange services are available in various forms and geographical locations. Generally, you can get it done through teller stations available at banks and exchange service kiosks at airports. As currency exchange rates fluctuate daily and a minute change can create huge differences, knowing where to find the best AUD to USD exchange rates is essential.

You can get exchange rates at banks, kiosks, forex brokers, and online currency conversion services. Possibilities are all of them offer different exchange rates with a minute difference. You must call or visit their official website to know their current AUD to USD exchange rates. Know who is offering the best exchange rate and steal the deal.

Usually, it is recommended to avoid currency exchange through airport kiosks because you might end up paying higher exchange rates. The key reason behind this is that it comes as your last option before you fly down to your home country or abroad.

Quick Tips to Ensure You Get the Best AUD to USD Rate

Being proactive while exchanging AUD for USD can help you to unlock a better deal. Here are some tips to help you hunt the best SUD to USD rate.

Avoid the Airport Currency Exchange Kiosks:

Despite being convenient, currency exchange through airport kiosks can be one of the priciest ways to purchase foreign currency. These kiosks frequently provide higher rates and fees than banks and other money changers because of the captive market at the airport. Therefore, exchanging your currency outside the airport is preferable before you arrive. It will help you in acquiring more US dollars for your Australian dollars.

Purchase Foreign Currency from a Well Established Source:

It is crucial to purchase USD from a reliable supplier in order to ensure that you get real money and the best AUD/USD exchange rate. Since there are several counterfeit bills, it is essential to stay away from unreliable sellers.

Why Choose Urban Money Oceania for AUD to USD Currency Conversion?

Currency conversion can be intimidating if you are not well-versed with currency exchange rates. Computing currency conversion manually can be a time-consuming task. Additionally, you can end up with erroneous computing output.

That is where Urban Money Oceania's currency converter comes into the role play. This inbuilt conversion allows you to convert currencies in split seconds. Enter the AUD value you wish to convert into USD, and the converter will compute the values. The result will be shown in the output field.

Here's why you should choose Urban Money Oceania for AUD to USD currency conversion:

  • Easy to use and round-the-clock accessibility
  • Quick results
  • 100% accurate
  • Allow you to compute countless values free of cost
  • User friendly
  • Supports small to large currency conversion

What is the Best Time to Buy US Dollars with Australian dollars?

The ideal time to purchase US dollars with Australian dollars was early April 2022, specifically if you are an Australian travelling abroad. This is due to the AUD/USD being at its top at 0.7596, which has been gradually declining since then. The same rules apply to anyone sending US currency abroad.

The ideal opportunity to purchase US dollars in the last ten weeks was in late July when the AUD/USD exchange rate surpassed 71 cents for the first time.

In general, the best time to buy US dollars with Australian dollars is when the AUD/USD exchange rate is as high as possible. You can unlock a better deal with a greater exchange rate. It implies that you will receive more US currency for every AUD currency you exchange.

Instead of checking the currency rate every minute to determine the ideal moment to purchase US dollars before a trip, try setting up a rate tracker.

A rate tracker allows you to get:

  1. Daily emails that provide the exchange rate
  2. Notification email for the rate you wish. You can create a rate alert for 0.7500, for instance, and we'll let you know when the AUD/USD reaches that level if you want to buy it now.

Difference Between AUD and USD

While both might have dollars in their name, the currencies differ from each other in a few aspects. Some of them are as follows:

Differentiating Terms Australian Dollar (AUD) US Dollar (USD)
Symbol AUD USD
Definition The USD is the currency code for the official currency of the United States, i.e., the United States Dollar. The currency is also used in various territories of the US. It is either symbolised as $ or US$ to differentiate it from other dollar-denominated currencies worldwide. The Australian Dollar is Australia’s official currency and its external territories: Norfolk Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island. An AUD is officially and usually represented by the sign $ (the dollar sign), A$ or AU$ and the code AUD.  
Values 1 AUD = 0.68 USD 1 USD = 1.47 AUs

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors determine Exchange rates in Australia?

The major factors determining the exchange rates in the USA are supply and demand, interest and inflation rates, trade deficits, government debt, and economic and political instability.

Will the value of the AUD against the USD remain constant?

No, the value of AUD against the USD will not remain constant. In 2022, the AUD/USD exchange rate has shown fluctuation, and the forecasted rate reveals in 2023, it will touch USD 0.739 per AUD (highest) and USD 0.689 per AUD at the lowest.

Can I exchange AUD for USD at a bank?

Yes, you can exchange AUD for USD at a bank, but remember, not all banks provide currency exchange services to their customers. Thus, it is recommended to get in touch with the executive before making an in-person visit for the same.

Is it possible to exchange AUD for USD online?

You can exchange AUD for USD online through inline currency exchange service providers. Additionally, you can use currency exchange cards offered by a few banks to make them more convenient.


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