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Financial Calculators In Australia

It might be challenging to manage your funds, and most of the time, you could feel that finance professionals should do this instead of you. However, the reality is that, even though it's difficult, it's still possible to perform some calculations on your own, particularly in this era of technology. The infusion of technology across the finance sector has made complex calculations easier.

Financial calculators can be highly useful when managing finances starts ghosting you. These electronic calculators can be used by those in the finance industry or business students to perform complex calculations that a standard calculator cannot achieve. Since they are all based on algebraic functions, they may initially look difficult to utilise but are relatively simple to do once you know how.

Fortunately, we'll concentrate on an easier-to-achieve device: online financial calculators. They are flexible for managing finances because they are easy to use and focus on a specific calculation.

We're here to help you understand what financial calculators are, why they're a valuable tool for managing money, and which ones the internet offers the best.

What are Financial Calculators?

Financial calculators are types of electronic calculators majorly used by finance professionals to compute complex financial functions. These electronic gadgets are also known as business finance calculators, as they perform complex tasks that regular calculators can't do.

Financial calculators are used by professionals, business students, banks, financial institutions and other lenders. The best part is that these calculators are not limited to the discussed users, as a borrower can also count on these advanced calculators to take credit-related decisions.

You don't have to pay to access high-tech calculators, as UMOceania offers free access to various financial calculators. These financial planning calculators are highly known for their functionality. The calculator contains several text fields in which the user can input values. Based on entered values, the calculator computes the output in split seconds.

Benefits of Financial Calculators

The most significant benefit of using financial calculators is to take control of your finances. It is the first phase of achieving financial independence. Using financial calculators may benefit anyone, whether they are an accountant, a business owner, any financial professional, a business student or simple borrowers seeking credit.

Online financial calculators can assist you with various purposes, including retirement, automobile loans, home loans, stamp duty and credit card debt. The average household credit card debt in America is $5,315, and there are more than 191 million credit card users. The total amount of consumer debt in the US is $14.9 trillion. This figure portrays the need for financial calculators in every individual's life.

However, using financial calculators online will be simpler for average individuals who want to manage their finances freely. Online financial calculators have the following key benefits:

  • They are entirely free and accessible round the clock. 
  • Quite easy to use
  • Provide results in split seconds
  • Solely intended for certain financial calculations
  • Allow individuals to pile savings for retirement by managing finances efficiently
  • Make loan repayments easier than ever
  • It saves a lot of time as you don't have to put forward complex computations
  • Eliminates chances of errors
  • With only a few keystrokes, you can easily find the amortisation schedule.

With these, you better understand your financial situation and assist yourself in achieving your financial objectives.

Types of Financial Calculators in UM Oceania's Portal  

At Oceania, we offer an array of financial calculators to provide solutions for every financial need. Whether you are thinking of borrowing a home loan, looking forward to repaying the existing one or simply wishing to compute the stamp duty charges, you will get the best financial calculator for every need.

Borrowing Power Calculator

The Borrowing Power Calculator is an advanced AI-backed financial calculator that enables borrowers to determine what amount of repayment they can afford according to their financial situation. The user has to enter a few inputs, and the calculator will compute the desirable results in a fraction of a second. It helps the borrower determine what amount they should borrow so that the repayments don't become a burden to them. Basic details required by the calculator include income and monthly expenses.

Home Loan Repayment Calculator

Oceania's Home Loan Repayment Calculator is an online device that allows existing borrowers and seekers to compute repayments towards home loans. Based on the principal amount, applicable interest rates and repayment tenure, you can determine your monthly repayments in one go. Additionally, the dynamic nature of the calculator allows users to alter the inputs and get favourable outputs that perfectly fit within their budget.

Home Loan Extra Repayment

If you plan to repay your loan prior to the loan closure date, count on partial prepayments or extra repayments. Home Loan Extra Repayment Calculator caters you to compute extra repayments that you can make in order to close your loan as soon as possible. The best part is that you can determine what extra repayment amount you can afford monthly based on your expenses.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Oceania's Stamp Duty Calculator is one of the best financial calculators, which gives you a clear idea of the government costs you will have to pay while purchasing a property in Australia. Whether you buy it from the existing owner, for investment purposes or as a first home owner, you will have to pay associated stamp duty charges. Calculating stamp duty charges in Australia becomes hassle-free with the help of stamp duty calculators.

Interest-Only Mortgage Calculator

The Interest Only Mortgage Calculator helps borrowers know what the monthly loan repayment will be by factoring in the interest-only loan repayment period, interest rate and principal loan amount. The output is based upon the estimated interest-only loan payment throughout the interest-only period and doesn't include the principal payments paid in later years. This financial calculator helps determine the overall cost you will pay for an interest-only loan.

Home Loan Offset Calculator

The Home Loan Offset Calculator allows users to compute the amount they can save on their home loan by maintaining an account balance on their offset account. Users of an offset loan calculator can mention and compare the varying deposit amounts to compute the impact of offset balances on the interest and tenure. One can employ an offset loan calculator to review the total interest saved and revised loan term after accurately mentioning the values on the calculator fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use financial calculators?

It would be best if you used financial calculators to compute complex calculations with appropriate results in a fraction of a second. Additionally, you can better manage your finances by deploying financial calculators. With these high-tech calculators, you can manage your finances, repay debts, and save on extra payments.

What does a financial calculator do?

Financial calculators make complex computations easy, eliminate chances of errors, and provide desirable figures in split seconds.


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