Gross income refers to the total income of an individual before tax or any other deductions. The knowledge of annual gross income comes in handy when applying for a loan, a job, or simply working on the household budget. The income gross up calculator crunches various numbers to deliver a person’s tax-to-gross income ratio and the tax payable along with their gross income.

An individual must proceed with our guide to use the income gross up calculator at the UM Oceania platform.

What is the Income Gross Up Calculator?

An income gross up calculator is an online tool that confirms an individual’s annual gross income and tax liability. It also informs the users of their tax-to-gross income ratio. The user will be asked to enter their net income for a specific tenure and if they pay the 2% medical levy.

How does UM Oceania's Income Gross Up Calculator work?

UM Oceania is an online platform that assists people with financial services. It offers various instruments to simplify the most tedious tasks. One such tool is the income gross up calculator. It lets an individual know about their annual gross income and tax pay. This online tool consists of the following components.

  • Your Annual Net / After-Tax Income: The user is required to enter their net income or the income post-tax or other deductions.
  • Income Frequency: Five options are available here - yearly, monthly, half-monthly, fortnightly and weekly. One frequency must be chosen for which the income is provided.
  • Medical Levy 2% Paid: The additional amount paid for medicare over the taxable income.
  • Annual Gross Income: It is the annual income of the individual before tax or any other deductions.
  • Annual Tax Payable: This is a field that informs of the tax paid by the individual on a yearly basis.
  • Tax-to-Gross Income Ratio: The tax-to-gross income ratio is mentioned here.

The income gross up calculator will use the formula and display the result based on the information entered by the user.

How to use the Income Gross Up Calculator?

The income gross up calculator is a fairly easy-to-use tool. Follow the steps below to get the desired results from UM Oceania’s income gross up calculator.

  • Visit the official website of UrbanMoney Oceania.
  • Locate the ‘Calculators’ drop-down menu at the top of the page. Select the ‘Income gross up calculator’ option.
  • The new page will feature the calculator, and you will be asked to enter your annual net / after-tax income.
  • Select the payout frequency and if you pay for the medical levy.
  • The calculator will do the required calculations and display your gross annual income, tax-to-income ratio and tax payable.

Features of Income Gross Up Calculator

The features that make the income gross up calculator unique are given below.

  • The delivered outcomes are reliable.
  • There is the option of unrestricted access.
  • The AI-powered calculator provides customers with a precise number.
  • There's no room for error.
  • With this simple web application, users may quickly determine their level of maturity.
  • The user can set up their financial requirements suitably with its assistance.
  • It makes it easier for people to monitor their spending.
  • One can use this Australian calculator as many times as necessary to obtain satisfactory results.
  • The responses provided are quick and easy to interpret.
  • It assists the user in developing a number of plans in accordance with their financial needs.
  • You don't need to be financially literate to use the income gross up calculator.
  • It does not accumulate any personal information.
  • No unsafe websites or third-party ads are tolerated.

How is the Income Gross Up Calculated?

An individual can use the income gross up calculator to calculate their gross income. The online tool generates results on the basis of the information entered by the user. The computation is based on the individual’s net income, and tax obligations are calculated per the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). It employs reverse calculations using the net income to gain the gross income.

Pros and Cons of Income Gross Up Calculator

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of the income gross up calculator. When using the calculator, the following pros and cons must be kept in mind.


  • It allows a user to get a better understanding of their personal finances
  • This can be used multiple times until the desired result is acquired
  • A person can know their gross income in the absence of a payslip 


  • It is based on assumptions and might not give an accurate picture of a person's actual income.
  • This calculator does not account for potential tax credits and deductions that could reduce the amount of tax you owe.
  • The tax rates assumed are Australia’s.

Things you should know About Income Gross Up Calculator

There are certain things that a user must know when using the income gross up calculator. These points are mentioned below.

  • A person's gross annual income can be calculated using an income gross up calculator using their current income after tax and other deductions.
  • You must enter precise data into the calculator.
  • The calculator will determine your yearly gross income based on your entered data.
  • The calculator can be useful for creating budgets and keeping track of finances because it consolidates users' annual income.
  • Users will be able to accurately estimate their annual income when applying for loans, mortgages, and other financial goods.
  • Online income gross up calculators are common and usually cost nothing to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate gross up income?

You can employ UM Oceania’s income gross up calculator to calculate your gross up income.

What is included in gross income?

Gross income refers to the income before any deductions. This includes salary, wages, tips, rental income, dividends from stocks and bonds, bonuses and savings account interest.


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