To determine your potential monthly mortgage payments, use UMoceania's home loan repayment calculator. Whether you want to refinance your existing loan or are curious to find out how much you can afford, simply enter the desired loan amount, interest rate, and repayment frequency. With hi-tech repayment calculators, managing loan repayments have become easier than ever. Just enter a few details and decode your affordability for a home loan. 

What is Loan Repayment or Home Loan Repayment?

A loan repayment is a sum the borrower must make monthly during the loan's repayment period. The borrower is bound to continue paying this amount until the full loan balance has been repaid. The principal and interest component together makes a home loan repayment amount. The interest component is higher during the initial years of repayment, whereas the principal component is higher in the last years. However, it might or might not pay for property tax, mortgage default insurance, and other related costs. When you first start paying, a large portion of the payment goes toward paying the interest component. However, as time passes, this payment becomes more focused on paying off the mortgage debt.

What is a Home Loan Repayment Calculator?

A home loan repayment calculator is an advanced online tool specifically made to help borrowers with the computation of monthly loan payments. Entering basic information such as the principal, interest rate, and amortisation duration will allow you to calculate precise numbers and estimate the affordability of the mortgage payment.

Using the innovative, AI-powered monthly repayment calculator, you can determine the best mortgage deal. This cutting-edge tool guides you to the best lender so you can make a selection that adheres to your requirements. This financial calculator removes difficult manual calculations and provides accurate results in split seconds. 

How Does UMoceania's Home Loan Repayment Calculator Work?

When you take out a home loan, you are expected to make consistent minimum interest payments for the borrowed amount and any costs.

You will need a few essential pieces of information to use our loan repayment calculator to estimate monthly house repayments accurately. 

  • The loan's principal amount
  • The anticipated interest rate on your loan
  • The loan term's duration

The sum of money you intend to borrow from the lender is known as the principal loan amount. For instance, if the property is worth $650,000 and you have a $130,000 deposit, i.e. 20% for the down payment, the principal loan amount will be $520,000.

You can quickly calculate the necessary values using these three crucial information pieces. Put the principal loan amount, interest rate, and repayment tenure in the calculator's text field. The loan repayment calculator displays the best home loan rates in your province based on given data. The user can enter interest rates manually using the slider. The calculator will then display your monthly payments.

You can select the monthly payment option that best suits you from the options displayed by the monthly repayment calculator. These monthly instalments are assessed based on the entered down payment or upfront sum. The price of the mortgage insurance will be calculated automatically. Adjust the down payment and payment schedule based on your credibility. 

Features and Benefits of Home Loan Repayment Calculator

A home loan repayment calculator allows you to calculate your monthly repayments quickly. Consider it a handy online tool that offers the following features and benefits:

Features of Home Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculating home loan repayments can be daunting due to the huge amount you borrow. The loan repayment cal provides you with a detailed analysis of the following:

  • Monthly loan repayments or EMI. 
  • Displays all balances due up until the last day
  • Allow comparing EMIs at various interest rates to see which is best for you.

Benefits of Monthly Repayment Calculator for Mortgage

Unlock the following benefits with a loan repayment calculator:

  • It aids in budgeting your spending in line with your income.
  • Indicate the total interest you'll be paying when your loan term is over.
  • It helps you, in accordance with your budget, whether to lengthen or shorten the term.
  • It is a quick and simple tool you can utilise anytime and anywhere. 
  • It is dynamic, and changing the figures is simple.

Calculating monthly repayments isn't the first thing to count on; the first stage is determining your home loan eligibility. You can quickly determine your eligibility for a home loan using the home loan eligibility calculator.

What is the Formula for Home Loan Repayment Calculation?

The home loan repayment calculator works on the following mathematical formula:

M = P [ r(1+r) ^n/((1+r)^n)-1)]


M denotes the monthly payment, P represents the principal loan amount, r denotes the interest rate, and n is the number of payments through the loan amortisation period.

For Example:

Variable  Value
Principal (P) $ 2,00,000
Interest Rate (r) 0.004167
Number of Payments (n) 360

Substituting the given values home loan repayment calculation formula:

M = P [ r(1+r) ^n/((1+r) ^n)-1)]

M = 200,000 * [ 0.004167 (1 + 0.004167) ^360] / [ ( 1 + 0.004167 )^360 – 1 ]

M = 1,073.64

Factors Affecting the Home Loan Repayment

The size of your loan repayments can vary depending on several important variables. A few of these are:

Credit Rating

One of the most important elements used to estimate the monthly repayment is likely the borrower's credit score. To give a lender an idea of the borrower's creditworthiness is one of the goals of a credit score. Technically, the borrower with a better credit score is less risky and more believable. 

The lender typically gives a borrower with a strong credit score a reasonable interest rate. When you want to apply for a home loan in Australia, you may rely on the credit bureaus to evaluate your credit record.


The property's location is essential to determine monthly repayments and applicable interest rates. The state and geographic location of the property are two key factors. The main reason is that each state has its own foreclosure laws, which significantly impact how a borrower forecloses on a defaulted property.

Property Cost 

The cost of the property plays a vital role while determining the offered interest rate by the lender. Additionally, it depicts the monthly repayments based on the interest and principal components. The higher the property prices, the larger the borrowed amount, so make the monthly repayments.

Down Payment

The larger the down payment, the lower the interest rate, and the simpler the monthly mortgage payment. According to a recurring pattern in mortgage experiences, a borrower who makes a sizable advance payment is viewed as less risky and more reputable. Additionally, making a down payment of up to 20% lowers the total price of the loan.

Current Interest Rates in the Market

The RBA and the mortgage industry both influence the interest rates charged. Mortgage interest rates are influenced by cash rates, which are set by the authority.

Amortisation Period

Monthly payments are greater for short-term mortgages and vice versa. Longer amortisation periods lead to lower interest rates, followed by lower monthly payments. However, as you will be paying off the mortgage over a longer period, you will also wind up paying more in interest.

What is the Home Loan Amortisation Schedule?

The amortisation schedule is a detailed table that includes all loan information. The schedule includes the following:

  • Total number of repayments
  • The due date for repayment 
  • The initial principal sum, from which the interest rate is determined.
  • Instalment amount for EMI 
  • Interest component for an email. In the beginning, interest is typically more than the principal amount. 
  • The principal closing sum serves as the subsequent month's opening principal.
  • Applicable home loan interest rate

A home loan repayment calculator can be used to determine the EMIs quickly. However, when pondering a loan application, it is advised to employ a home loan eligibility calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your monthly loan repayment amounts go up?

Yes, when you secure a loan at the variable interest rate, your monthly loan repayment amount can go up. This happens when the RBA cash rate rises and adhering to the same banks and financial providers increase the loan interest rates.

Can I change my repayments after I take out a home loan?

Not entirely, but if you make prepayments towards the principal loan amount, it will alter your monthly loan repayments as the outstanding loan amount decreases.

Will making extra loan repayments help pay off the loan earlier?

Yes, when you make extra loan repayments, your principal component decreases, and so does the interest component. As a result, your loan repayment will wrap up earlier than the loan closure date.

Should I use a fixed rate, variable rate, or split rate when calculating my loan repayments?

It would be best if you considered fixed rate,m variable rate, and split rate while computing monthly loan repayments. Comparing repayments for all three case scenarios will help you to secure a home loan at lower interest rates and save thousands of dollars.


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