Refinance Home Loan

Struggling to repay your loan? UM Oceania offers funds to refinance your existing home loan!


Interest rate should not be the only factor that influences your decision to refinance. You should also look for intangibles such as brand name, reputation, customer friendly policies, service aspect, safety of documents, etc. Repayment terms and conditions specified by the new lender would also play a role in your decision. Another factor you need to consider is the timing of the refinance , at which stage of your loan repayment are you going for refinance and what is the principal outstanding amount? It may not make much sense to refinance a loan that has been repaid to a large extent (say 70% or more).

Refinance Bank Offerings

LendersRate of InterestComparison RateRatings
UBank undefined Interest Rate

UBank Refinance




Suncorp Group undefined Interest Rate

Suncorp Group Refinance




Mortgage Ezy undefined Interest Rate

Mortgage Ezy Refinance




Bank of Queensland undefined Interest Rate

Bank of Queensland Refinance

4.34% - 6.3%

4.45% - 6.18%


MKM Capital undefined Interest Rate

MKM Capital Refinance


5.49% - 5.5%


La Trobe Financial undefined Interest Rate

La Trobe Financial Refinance

4.99% - 6.99%

5.26% - 7.24%


Liberty Financial Pvt Ltd undefined Interest Rate

Liberty Financial Pvt Ltd Refinance

5.09% - 5.19%

5.16% - 5.48%


ING Australia undefined Interest Rate

ING Australia Refinance

4.34% - 6.35%

4.36% - 6.37%


Pepper Money undefined Interest Rate

Pepper Money Refinance




Bankfirst undefined Interest Rate

Bankfirst Refinance




About Refinance Home Loan

Refinance home loan literally means financing a loan again. In simpler terms, refinance loan refers to a new loan taken on an existing loan with better interest rates and other perks. The borrower receives the freedom to refinance a loan with the same or a different lender. The borrowers can utilise the mortgage refinance calculators to calculate the different refinance rates of interest offered by various lenders. The borrower might end up with a refinance cashback offer among other benefits.

Eligibility Criteria for Refinances Loan

A borrower must check if they are eligible for refinances. The best refinance offers can only be availed when the borrower qualifies the following eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • They must have at least 20% equity in their home. This criterion will allow the borrowers to avoid paying for Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • The borrower must have a good or excellent credit score and a history
  • There must be a consistent source of income, the proof of which shall be submitted
  • The borrower must be 18 years of age or older

It must be noted that there might be other eligibility criteria that an applicant must meet. These may differ from lender to lender and state to state.

Refinances Interest Rate

Refinance interest rates are lower than the interest rates on existing home loans. However, the interest rate on refinances is majorly dependent upon the borrower’s creditworthiness and the lender. A borrower may not get offered the same rates on refinances as other borrowers. The interest rate on December 2022 in Australia begins from a variable rate of 4.29% p.a.

Things to know about Refinances Home Loan

A borrower must not be hasty when making refinances decision. The following things must be kept in mind when looking at refinance offers. 

Interest Rates

Getting a better interest rate on your house loan is arguably the most significant factor in refinancing. A total payback discrepancy of tens of thousands of dollars can result from a difference of just a few percentage points. According to a source, roughly 30% of homeowners are currently experiencing mortgage stress (with 30% or more of their take-home income going toward their repayments), although this number might be lower if they just had a lower interest rate.

Credit Rating

Refinancing is regarded as a credit application, so your credit score is required. Your attempts to refinance may be hampered if your credit score isn't too scorching. Find out if you qualify for a home loan as a first step because rejected refinance applications can also harm your credit score.

Refinancing Cost

It costs money to refinance a loan; depending on the loan, there may be application fees, valuation fees, discharge fees, and more. You might also have to pay a hefty break-free fee if you're on a fixed home loan with your existing lender. These can occasionally cost several thousand dollars.

When refinancing, these expenses must be taken into account. Using an online home loan calculator to compare your current payment to the total savings you would get on the new loan, fees included, is an excellent method to do this.

Value of the Property 

Gaining equity in your home is advantageous for refinancing since it can effectively serve as a deposit. Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) may be required if the equity in your house is less than 20% of its worth, just as it would be if you had a deposit of less than 20%. Your LVR (loan-to-value ratio) will be lower if the value of your home has increased since you first purchased it, indicating that you have more equity and hence more borrowing capacity.

Loan Term

The total cost of the loan will increase even when refinancing to a longer term can lower your regular repayment amount (because interest is accruing over a longer period). In contrast, refinancing to a shorter term causes your regular repayment amount to go up while you pay less interest overall.

Documents Required for Refinances Home Loan

An applicant must arrange the following documents required for refinances. This will ensure the process runs smoothly and get you a fast refinance. The following documents are required for refinances.

  • Proof of identity like a driver's licence, passport, or birth certificate and personal data
  • Proof of income like paystubs and a group certificate in the case of employment; tax returns and statements reflecting business activity in the case of self-employment
  • Your most recent mortgage statement
  • Documents provide in-depth knowledge of the living expenses and other obligations such as personal loans or credit cards
  • Records for any additional assets owned by the borrower like investment property or shares.

What are the Benefits of a Home Loan Refinances?

Financial term - refinances has many benefits to it other than paying off the existing loan. The following benefits shall assist a borrower in making their decision of refinancing. 

  • It reduces a borrower’s monthly repayments, making a way to reduce refinance rates
  • It reduces your total loan amount to accelerate debt repayment and increase your equity.
  • Access equity to finance construction, renovation, and other projects.
  • It gathers all high-interest bills, including credit card, personal, and auto loans, into a debt consolidation mortgage loan.
  • If the mortgage is currently in arrears, keep your house.
  • Once the negative credit issue has been sorted, the borrower can refinance from a specialised lender back to a major lender.
  • A borrower can utilise online mortgage refinance calculators to gather information on different refinance offers.
  • The borrower enjoys tax benefits
  • Switch to a home loan product that will enable you to pay off your mortgage more quickly.
  • The amount raised through refinance can be used to expand your company.

How do Refinances Affect Your Finances?

After refinancing, your credit score can temporarily decline, but this will only last a short while. However, if you make your new loan payments on schedule, your credit score is likely to increase.

Lenders perform a hard credit inquiry whenever you refinance to confirm your credit rating. Your credit scores normally drop by a few points as a result of hard credit queries. By using shrewd rate-shopping strategies, try to avoid receiving several additional questions. Having all of your applications submitted within a 14-45 day span is also beneficial.

Whether your refinanced loan is reported to the credit bureaus will determine how much your credit score is impacted by changes to loan balances and terms. Lenders can choose to record it as the same loan with modifications or as a brand-new loan with a fresh open date.

Your credit score may be more significantly impacted if your refinancing loan is recorded as a new loan. This is due to the fact that a new or recent open date typically indicates that it is a new credit obligation, which has a greater impact on the score than if the terms of an existing loan are merely modified.

Why is Refinances Comparison Important?

For a borrower to experience the best refinance offers, they should do a thorough investigation. The importance of comparing refinances are explained below.

Understand Current Refinance Rates

Without a doubt, there is a lot of competition in the finance industry. Many lenders provide cheaper mortgage refinance rates and minimal to no associated loan fees in an effort to draw in new customers and retain existing ones. If you don't take the time to speak with various lenders about your refinancing options and compare the estimated total cost of the loan structure, you run the danger of passing up the best deal.

Helps Compute Refinance-Related Fees

Some lenders charge hidden fees for loan offers that are discounted; these deals otherwise seem excellent if you don't account for the numerous accompanying expenses. Precomputed interest, documentation fees, ownership costs, prepayment fees, refinancing fees, and exit fees are a few examples of hidden loan costs that can be quite expensive and significantly increase the overall cost of the loan.

But if you are looking to refinance a loan, you can meet with each prospective lender in person to find out more about their product offerings. This will provide a borrower with the chance to learn more about the terms of the loans you want to apply for and the fees you anticipate paying.

Choose The Best Lenders

If lenders discover that you have been shopping around to refinance house loans from their competitors, they may offer their loan products at lower rates to attract you to choose them over their competitors. Some companies may offer advantages like refinance cashback offers, no down payment and yearly fees to entice you to become a customer.

Due to the competition among lenders, you will be in a better position to negotiate for better conditions if you have a respectable credit score and a reliable source of income.

Compare Refinances in Australia

Refinance loans from various lenders have been studied and a comparison has been drawn in the table below:

Lender Interest Rate (p.a.)
HomeStar 4.44%
UBank 4.49%
Bendigo Bank 4.27%
Tic Toc 4.49%
ING 4.49%
Suncorp 4.59%
HSBC  4.34% 4.60%
Macquaire 4.54%
Queensland Country Bank 4.69%

Note: The interest rates provided in the table above stand true to November 2022.

How to Apply for Refinances Home Loan

The following steps can be taken to apply for refinances.

Review Current Home Loan

The first step is to review the existing home loan and ascertain factors like the time left to repay the loan, current interest rate, fees, break cost etc. Once you have a definite answer, you can proceed with the next step.

Compare Home Loans from Various Lenders

Do some research on the house loans that are accessible now that you are aware of what you have and what you desire. To achieve this, you could conduct online research or consult with home loan experts, either at particular lenders or via a mortgage broker.

Although low advertised interest rates may entice you, there is more to home loans than just rates. Additionally, take into account elements like costs, features, and flexibility.

Have a Word With Refinance Lenders

You're in a strong position to bargain with your existing lender if you have a clear notion of what you want from your home loan and what options are out there.

Discuss your priorities, what isn't working for you, and how different home loans might better suit your needs with your existing lender. Find out what they can provide to entice you to stay as a customer. You might be able to avoid some of the fees and paperwork associated with transferring to a new lender if you can work out a better deal with your existing lender.

Apply for a Refinance House Loan

It's a similar process to applying for a home loan, and you can do it online, in person at a branch, on the go with a mobile lender, or through a mortgage broker. It will be easier to complete this process if your paperwork is ready.

The new lender will review your application, investigate your credit history, and order a property valuation to determine the value of your property. Depending on the lender, you can get a conditional or pre-approval before the valuation is finished, and the full approval would come after the property has been assessed.

Sign the Contract

Your new lender will probably send you the following after your new home loan is approved:

  • An offer letter for your loan (it might be called a credit contract or loan contract)
  • A form for direct debit payments
  • A mortgage form to grant your lender security over your home when you pay back your loan
  • A notification form for quitting your present lender

Before signing any documents that your lender sends you, make sure to read them carefully. Consult your attorney if you have questions regarding the documents and what they mean to you. Your old loan will end and your new loan will start if you proceed with the loan and sign the paperwork. Your new lender will arrange a settlement with your current lender.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Refinances Home Loan?

Refinance house loan refers to the borrower replacing the existing home loan with a new one. The borrower receives additional benefits like low-interest rates, choosing a different lender and lower monthly payments among others.

Which Bank Is Best For Refinances Home Loan?

Bendigo Bank offers refinance house loans at a variable interest rate of 4.29% p.a.

How Does Refinances Home Loans Work?

The borrower opts for a lender who provides home loans at lower finance rates than the existing lender. This new loan replaces the previous one.

How Do I Get A Refinances Home Loan?

A borrower can opt for a bank or third-party lender or choose internet platforms to get refinance loans.

How To Apply For a Refinances Home Loan?

The borrower is required to approach the lender they wish to get loan to refinance from and submit the documents along with a form. For more details, follow our guide above.

What is The Interest Rate On Refinances Home Loan?

Each lender offers different interest rates. Generally, the interest rates begin from 4.29% p.a.

How To Calculate Refinances Home Loan Repayment?

The borrower can use a mortgage refinance calculator to calculate the refinance house loan repayment.

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