Bank of Queensland Home Loan



Bank of Queensland Bank Home Loan

The Bank of Queensland (BOQ) is a retail bank in Australia headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland. Initially established as a building society, BOQ is one of the oldest financial services providers in the country. The bank provides various retail and commercial banking services through its vast network of 163 branches all over the country, comprising 103 owner-operated branches and 53 corporate branches.

Bank Of Queensland Home Loan Rates

LendersRate of InterestComparison RateRatings
Bank of Queensland undefined Interest Rate

Bank of Queensland

5.84% - 6.3%

5.66% - 6.18%


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Pros & Cons-Bank of Queensland


  • Strict lending policies.
  • Signup Fees.
  • Strict Age Restrictions.
  • Customer Support.


  • Home Loan for Self-Employed.
  • High Property Value for First Home Buyers.

About Bank of Queensland Bank Home Loan

The Bank of Queensland offers home loans for diverse purposes, including buying a first home, a next home, refinancing, and even for home-building. Loans are also available for managing increases in interest rates, and also purchasing an investment property. There are both fixed-rate and economy variable home loans, along with clear path variable home loans. These are loans for owners and occupiers, while there are investor loans in the same categories. There are multiple resources and other support solutions for home loans as well.

Types of Loans

Fixed rate Home Loan

With a fixed rate mortgage, you can safeguard yourself against prospective interest rate increases and have the assurance that you will know precisely what your repayments will be for up to five years.

  • Options for owner-occupants and investors are available.
  • Great interest rates are available for all of our terms.

Principal and interest repayments and interest-only repayments are two different alternatives for repayment.

Economy Variable Home Loan

You don't have to give up features in exchange for a straightforward mortgage.

  • Options for owner-occupants and investors are available.
  • Free redraws indefinitely
  • countless more payments

Clear Path Variable Home Loan

The Clear Path Variable Rate Home Loan is for you if you want an inexpensive, fully functional loan with a low rate.

  • Options for owner-occupants and investors are available.
  • Mortgage reduction
  • Flexible repayment options and unlimited free redraw

Features of Bank of Queensland Bank Home Loan

  • The majority of the security property. Available for investor and owner-occupied uses.
  • Flexible choices for repayment. Select from weekly, biweekly, or monthly payback schedules.
  • Free revisions indefinitely. Utilise Internet Banking at any moment to access your additional payments. At least $100.00.

Eligibility Criteria

A competitive 5.24% p.a. (5.39% p.a. comparative rate*) is offered by BOQ for new clients who are owner-occupiers with an LVR of up to 70%, a debt to-income ratio under 6 and a minimum loan amount of $150,000.

How to Apply for Bank of Queensland Bank Home Loan?

To apply for a personal loan, you just need to follow a few easy steps. Accessing your personal loan is made simple for you by this straightforward procedure:

  • Decide on the loan that is best for you.
  • Submit a request online or call the bank
  • Send any necessary supporting materials so that the Bank can process your application.

You'll be one step closer to receiving that new car, vacation, caravan, house upgrades, or anything in no time if you receive a response to your application. You may satisfy your needs by just following the easy steps.

Documents Required for Bank of Queensland Bank Home Loan?

The bank will only be required to lend the loan amount if it receives the following documentation:

  • Each security and any documents the bank needs in relation to any security;
  • Proof of any insurance the bank needs;Any report or valuation the bank needs;
  • Any independent legal advice certificate the bank needs;
  • Any certificate of financial advice from a financial adviser the bank needs;
  • And an application for the loan.

Bank of Queensland Bank Home Loan Calculator

Borrowing Power Calculator

You can Use the borrowing power calculator on BOQ to determine how much you can borrow for a mortgage and Get a customised assessment of your borrowing capacity right now.

Where can you Buy With My Budget?

Determine where you can afford to purchase in Australia and how much you can borrow for a house loan.

Loan Repayments Calculator

Use either fixed or variable interest rates across a choice of periods to calculate your home loan repayments.

Extra Repayments Calculator

To see how much interest you may save by making extra repayments, use our extra repayments calculator.

Lump Sum Repayments Simulator

Determine the amount of time and interest you will save by making lump-sum repayments on your mortgage.

Customer Service of Bank of Queensland Bank Home Loan

Whether you need assistance with Internet Banking, activating your card, or reporting a lost or stolen card, the professionals are available to assist you.

  • Individual Banking (including lost or stolen debit cards)
  • Commercial Banking
  • International Questions for Internet Banking Community and Sponsorship - +61 7 3336 2420 BOQ Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of home loans does the Bank of Queensland offer?

  • Fixed-rate Home Loan
  • Economy Variable Home Loan
  • Clear Path Variable Home Loan

How much can I borrow with a Bank of Queensland home loan?

A minimum $150,000 can be borrowed.

How long does it typically take to get approved for a Bank of Queensland home loan?

It takes approx. 1 week to get approved for a Bank of Queensland home loan.

What happens if I miss a repayment on my Bank of Queensland home loan?

If you default, the Bank may reject your application, deny any requests for redraws, revoke your access to Bank of Queensland e-banking for redraws, and revoke your entitlement to redraw at any time and without prior notice.

What support and resources does Bank of Queensland offer to home loan borrowers?

Bank of Queensland offers home loans, including variable, fixed, package, and line of credit choices, BOQ is totally independent of the major banks.


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