Australia Holidays 2023

It’s that time of the year kids look forward to, and so do adults. With the New Year comes holidays where everyone can plan their next vacation. This guide pertains to the Australia Holidays 2023 and their relevant dates.

School Holidays in Australia 2023

The table below shows the school holidays in Australia 2023.

State Autumn Winter Spring Summer
Australian Capital Territory April 7 - April 23 July 1- July 16 September 23 - October 8 December 16 - January 30, 2024,
New South Wales 10th  April - April 21  July 3 - July 14 September 25 - October 6 December 20 - January 29, 2024,
Northern Territory 7th  April - 16th  April  24th June - July 17 September 23 - October 8 16th Dec - January 29, 2024,
Queensland 1st  April - 16th  April  24th June - July 19 September 16 - October 2 9th Dec - January 21, 2024,
S,outh Australia April 15 - 30th  April  8th July - 23rd July 30th Sept - October 15 16th Dec - January 28, 2024,
Tasmania 6th  April -25th  April  8th July - 24th July 30th Sept - October 15 22nd December 2023
Victoria 7th  April - April 23  June 24 - July 9 September 16 - October 1 21st Dec - January 29, 2024,
Western Australia 7th  April - April 23  July 1 - July 16 September 23 - October 8 December 15 - January 30, 2024,

Public Holidays in Australia 2023

The table below pertains to the public holidays in Australia 2023.

Date Day Holiday States
January 1 Sun New Year's Day National
January 2 Mon New Year Holiday National
January 11 Wed Devonport Cup TAS
January 26 Thu Australia Day National
February 13 Mon Royal Hobart Regatta TAS
February 22 Wed Launceston Cup TAS
March 6 Mon Labour Day WA
March 7 Tue King Island Show TAS
March 13 Mon Canberra Day ACT
March 13 Mon Eight Hours Day TAS
March 13 Mon Labour Day VIC
March 13 Mon Adelaide Cup Day SA
April 7 Fri Good Friday National
April 8 Sat Day following Good Friday National except for TAS & WA
April 9 Sun Easter Sunday National except for NT, SA & TAS
April 10 Mon Easter Monday National
September 25 Tue Easter Tuesday TAS
April 25 Tue Anzac Day National
May 1 Mon Labour Day QLD
May 1 Mon May Day NT
May 29 Mon Reconciliation Day ACT
5 Jun Mon Western Australia Day WA
June 12 Mon King's Birthday National except for QLD & WA
July 7 Fri Alice Springs Show Day NT
July 14 Fri Tennant Creek Show Day NT
July 21 Fri Katherine Show Day NT
July 28 Fri Darwin Show Day NT
August 7 Mon Picnic Day NT
August 16 Wed Ekka Wednesday QLD
August 18 Fri Borroloola Show Day NT
September 25 Mon King's Birthday WA
October 2 Mon Labour Day ACT, NSW & SA
October 2 Mon King's Birthday QLD
October 6 Fri Burnie Show TAS
October 12 Thu Royal Launceston Show TAS
October 20 Fri Flinders Island Show TAS
October 26 Thu Royal Hobart Show TAS
November 6 Mon Recreation Day TAS
November 7 Tue Melbourne Cup Day VIC
December 1 Fri Devonport Show TAS
December 24 Sun Christmas Eve NT, QLD & SA
December 25 Mon Christmas Day National
December 26 Tue Boxing Day National except SA
December 26 Tue Proclamation Day SA
December 31 Sun New Year's Eve NT & SA

Queensland Public Holidays 2023 

This table below showcases all the Queensland public holidays 2023 along with their scheduled dates.

Date - 2023 Day Holiday
1 Jan Sun New Year's Day
2 Jan Mon New Year Holiday
26 Jan Thu Australia Day
7 Apr Fri Good Friday
8 Apr Sat Day following Good Friday
9 Apr Sun Easter Sunday
10 Apr Mon Easter Monday
25 Apr Tue Anzac Day
1 May Mon Labour Day
16 Aug Wed Ekka Wednesday
2 Oct Mon King's Birthday
24 Dec Sun Christmas Eve
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day
26 Dec Tue Boxing Day

Public Holidays in Victoria, Australia 2023 

The table below showcases the public holidays in Victoria 2023.

Holiday Date and Month- 2023
New Year's Day Sunday, January 1 Monday, January 2
Australia Day Wednesday, January 26
Labour Day Sunday, March 13
Good Friday Thursday, April 7
Saturday before Easter Sunday Friday, April 8
Easter Sunday Saturday, April 9
Easter Monday Sunday, April 10
ANZAC Day1 Monday, April 25
King's Birthday Sunday, June 12
Friday before the AFL Grand Final Subject to AFL schedule3
Melbourne Cup Monday, November 7
Christmas Day1 Sunday, December 25
Boxing Day Monday, December 26

Western Australia School Holidays 2023 

The table below pertains to Western Australia School Holidays for the calendar year 2023.

School Holiday Start Date End Date 
First Day of School February 1, 2023 -
Term 1 Holidays (Autumn) April 7, 2023, April 23, 2023 
Term 2 Holidays (Winter) July 1, 2023, July 16, 2023
Term 4 Holiday (Summer)  December 15, 2023, January 30, 2024,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main holiday in Australia?

The main holidays in Australia are Christmas, New Year’s eve, Australia day, Good Friday, and Easter Monday. This is a time when family and friends get together to celebrate.

Which part of Australia is best for a holiday?

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Cairns are some of the best cities for the holiday season.

Is Christmas Eve a public holiday?

Christmas Eve is a public holiday in Australia, except for South Australia.


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