Asset Finance

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Asset Finance

Asset financing can be a good option if your company needs to purchase advanced tools or land. Asset finance is a way to pay for the buying of reference current assets. Moreover, Business Asset financing in Australia is essential to the expansion of many Australian citizens. We'll go over what business asset finance is, whether a startup asset finance company is feasible, and how to utilise equipment and asset loan.

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Asset Finance Bank Offerings

Rate of Interest:7.99% - 19.99%
Comparison Rate:9.23% - 21.21%
Rate of Interest:5.24% - 7.29%
Comparison Rate:6.59% - 8.64%
Rate of Interest:11.95% - 19.95%
Comparison Rate:-
Rate of Interest:5.09% - 5.54%
Comparison Rate:5.16% - 5.83%
Rate of Interest:5.01% - 5.36%
Comparison Rate:-
Rate of Interest:5.99%
Comparison Rate:7.2%
Rate of Interest:8.29%
Comparison Rate:9.6%
Rate of Interest:8.09% - 15.99%
Comparison Rate:8.94% - 14.89%
Rate of Interest:8.45% - 11.65%
Comparison Rate:-
Rate of Interest:6.69%
Comparison Rate:6.69%
Rate of Interest:7.95% - 8.75%
Comparison Rate:-

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance refers to borrowing or lending money using a company's balance sheet, whether you are taking funds from short-term savings, stock, and other receivable accounts to protect against a new loan.

However, obtaining asset finance loans for farm machinery or vehicles is simple and more flexible than making a hefty upfront fee in a higher inflation company setting. You can simply pay an EMI monthly to use the firm's assets over an agreed period. Moreover, business owners have the right to select specific assets with which they are comfortable.

For instance, a farm business owner may consider using agricultural land to secure financing for a substitute feedstuff. The lending amount is calculated based on the asset's market price. However, the greater the value, the larger the mortgage you will get.

Best Uses for Asset Finance

Business asset finance is commonly used for generating solutions for a shorter tenure, such as to pay workers and distributors or to finance expansion. Compared to conventional bank loans, it offers a more suitable lending method. It also offers an efficient way to boost working capital for startup companies.

Types of Asset Finance

Asset finance services for Australian businesses are becoming increasingly popular. Business owners have complete control over the usage of new machinery and tools without being responsible for ongoing servicing. Moreover, you can return the asset to the borrower or keep it at the end of the contract deal. However, there are three types of asset finance, namely:

  • Hire Purchase: The lending institution will purchase the resource from an asset finance company on behalf of the borrower. The borrower will pay the lender based on EMI or can pay at once to pay off the asset. Until then, the lender owns the asset, and once full payment is received, it can be completely paid off. Further, only after the full payment submission will the borrower be given a choice to buy the asset at a marginal rate.
  • Lease of the Equipment: In this method, the borrower is bound to sign a contractual contract with a lender to utilise tools for business purposes. Moreover, payments will be made by the borrower until the agreement duration ends. Further, once the lease for the equipment is completed, the borrower can return the rented tools or increase its lease period to upgrade the equipment version. 
  • Operating Lease: An operating lease is similar to a lease of equipment. Generally, equipment leases are for short periods, whereas operating leases are longer terms but not for the rest of your life. In addition, payments are subject to the asset's usage, not its value. Moreover, this method is useful for users looking for short-term to mid-term usage of tools. 
  • Finance Lease: In this type, the borrower takes responsibility for the maintenance of the asset during the lease duration.
  • Asset Refinance: It is used when a company wants to obtain a loan by vowing current assets for collateral. In addition, assets include estate, vehicles, tools, and even receivables accounts.  

Key Features of Asset Finance

Some of the critical features of an asset loan are as follows:

  • It enables a business to obtain a loan by professing balance-sheet securities.
  • Asset financing is typically used to meet short-term requirements for working capital.

Some firms prefer asset finance solutions over conventional loans because it is premised on the investments instead of the bank's assessment of the business's ability to repay and potential business potential.

Eligibility Criteria for Asset Finance

To be eligible for business asset finance, a user need to meet the following criteria:

  • A company must have been in operation for at least six months.
  • An organisation must be active and generate consistent cash flow.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to utilise a corporate loan.

How to Apply for Asset Finance? 

Every company should select the right equipment to achieve full asset finance services. Asset finance may be suitable for securing those tools without interrupting cash flow.

  • Research: It's a good idea to research the kind of asset finance products you're looking for and narrow your choices by including ideal manufacturers and models. This will help you determine how much money you'll need to lease.
  • Gather Required Documentation: Asset finance brokers need supporting documents to evaluate your enrollment as a lender. Based on that, they will provide the sum and percentage.  
  • Find the right lender: Rates, charges, and eligibility requirements differ significantly between borrowers. In addition, a low-interest rate only sometimes implies a cheaper or better product. A loan with a lower interest may lack versatility or come with extra charges sometimes and can increase the cost in the long run.
  • Apply for finance: Once you have decided on the financial institution and asset finance products. Go through the lender's application procedure before applying for finance. 

The Pros and Cons of Asset Financing

Many businesses can benefit from asset finance, but ensuring that this lending method is appropriate for your business strategy is critical.


  • Regular bank loans are more difficult to obtain.
  • Fixed payouts simplify financial planning and cash flow management.
  • The majority of contracts have a fixed rate of interest.
  • Failure to repay outcomes only in the loss of property.


  • There is a chance of losing critical assets needed for company operations.
  • The value of the collateral used to protect a loan can differ, with low market values possible.
  • It is helpful for short-term financing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asset Finance used for?

Asset Finance is used as a protection to borrow funds or take a loan against what you already own.

What are the typical interest rates for asset finance?

Recently, the interest rate for asset finance has varied from 0.35% to 0.85%.

What type of fees can I expect to pay?

A fee is a set price compensated in lieu of an income for a particular service. It also refers to additional charges for a product or service.

What does asset finance include?

Asset finance includes investments for short-term, inventory and receivable accounts to lend money.

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