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Currency exchange value is subjected to market fluctuation. Exchange rate as on Jun 16, 2024.


Today's AUD to CAD exchange rate is NaN. Check the current AUD to CAD exchange rate below for more details.

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1 AUD to CAD Exchange Rate Last 7 days



  • 0.863734

  • 0.868691

  • 0.869489

  • 0.869767

  • 0.866488

  • 0.869679

  • 0.868757

Australian Dollar to Canadian Dollar Conversions



If you're travelling abroad or doing business internationally, it's critical to have access to various currencies in today's global economy. However, there are a few things to consider when converting Australian dollars (AUD) to Canadian dollars (CAD) to achieve the best exchange rate. The best places to find AUD to CAD exchange rates, three quick tips to make sure you get the best rate, why Urban Money Oceania might be the best option for your currency conversion needs, forecasted rates for the AUD and CAD, the ideal time to buy CAD with AUD, and sending money from Australia to Canada are all covered in this article.

Where to find the best AUD to CAD exchange rates

There are several options to think about while looking for the best AUD to CAD exchange rates. Visit a bank or other provider of currency exchange, which can give reasonable rates and frequently have physical facilities for the convenience of access. It's crucial to keep in mind that various suppliers could offer various rates and fees, so it's worthwhile to browse around to discover the best price.

Another choice is to use an internet platform for currency exchange, which may have lower costs and more competitive rates than traditional suppliers. These platforms are a practical option for people who need to exchange money on the road because they frequently let you complete transactions totally online. Some popular online currency exchange platforms include OFX, XE, and TransferWise.

Tips for getting AUD to CAD.

If you're looking to get the best possible rate when converting AUD to CAD, here are three quick tips to keep in mind:

Keep an eye on exchange rates

Exchange rates fluctuate constantly, so it's important to keep an eye on them to ensure you get the best possible rate. One way to do this is to use a currency converter or exchange rate tracker, which can provide real-time updates on the current exchange rate between AUD and CAD.

Shop around

Different currency exchange providers may offer different rates and fees, so it's important to shop around and compare rates from multiple providers. While banks are a common choice for currency exchange, they may not always offer the best rates or lowest fees. Online currency exchange platforms and specialist providers may be able to offer more competitive rates.

Consider timing

As with any currency exchange, timing can be key to getting the best possible rate. Keeping an eye on market trends and events that may impact exchange rates, such as economic announcements or political events, can help you make an informed decision about when to exchange your currency.

Why Choose Urban Money Oceania for AUD to CAD Currency Conversion?

Urban Money Oceania can be an excellent option if you're seeking for a trustworthy and practical solution to convert AUD to CAD. Urban Money Oceania, a specialist in currency exchange, provides a range of practical services like online currency exchange and international money transfers, as well as competitive rates and cheap fees.

Additionally, Urban Money Oceania has a price match promise, which means that they'll match any lower rates you discover from other lenders. This can give you comfort in knowing that you're getting the greatest exchange rate available.

Forecasted rates for the Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar

It's critical to monitor market trends and forecasts when it comes to AUD/CAD exchange rates in order to predict where the exchange rate may go in the future. 

Month/Year Highest Rate Lowest Rate Average
Jan'23 0.954 0.861 0.9075
Febr'23 0.954 0.92 0.937
Mar'23 0.932 0.867 0.8995
Apr'23 0.902 0.847 0.8745
May'23 0.86 0.829 0.8445
Jun'23 0.869 0.842 0.8555
Jul'23 0.879 0.853 0.866
Aug'23 0.905 0.866 0.8855
Sep'23 0.892 0.864 0.878
Oct'23 0.877 0.851 0.864
Nov'23 0.881 0.855 0.868
Dec'23 0.887 0.861 0.874

Best time to buy Canadian Dollar with Australian Dollar

The current exchange rate, market conditions, as well as your own needs and preferences will all influence the optimum time to purchase Canadian dollars using Australian dollars. To make a more informed choice about whether to exchange your currency, there are certain general rules you may follow.

The trend in exchange rates is one crucial issue to take into account. It can be wiser to wait for a better exchange rate if the Australian Dollar is now strong versus the Canadian Dollar rather than changing your currency right away. On the other hand, if the Australian Dollar is undervalued relative to the Canadian Dollar, you might want to think about exchanging your money as soon as possible to benefit from the better exchange rate. 

Other factors to consider include the purpose of your currency exchange, any upcoming trips or purchases, and your overall financial situation. It may be helpful to consult with a currency exchange specialist or financial advisor to determine the best course of action for your specific needs.

Sending Money from Australia to Canada

If you need to send money from Australia to Canada, there are various options available to you, including banks, money transfer companies, and online currency exchange platforms.

Banks are a traditional option for sending money overseas, but they can be expensive and slow, with high fees and unfavorable exchange rates. Money transfer companies and online currency exchange platforms offer a more affordable and convenient alternative with lower fees and more competitive exchange rates.

TransferWise, OFX, and WorldRemit are a few of the frequently used methods for transferring money from Australia to Canada. These businesses offer reasonable exchange rates, straightforward fees, and the ability to transmit money through a mobile app or the internet.

It's crucial to check the reputation and security of the company you choose before sending money abroad. Search for businesses that employ encryption and other security measures to secure your personal and financial information and are registered with regulatory agencies such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). 

In conclusion, converting Australian dollars to Canadian dollars can be a simple and affordable process with the right knowledge and tools. By researching exchange rates, choosing the right currency exchange provider, and considering your individual needs and circumstances, you can get the most value for your money and make the most of your currency exchange.


Here are the differences between AUD and CAD.

  • CAD, or Canadian Dollar, is the currency of Canada, and AUD is the official currency of Australia.
  • The value of AUD and CAD is slightly different. The value of 1 CAD is equal to 1.1 AUD.

AUD to CAD Conversion Chart

1 0.99
5 4.94
10 9.87
15 14.81
20 19.75
25 24.69
30 29.62
40 39.50
50 49.37
60 59.25
100 98.74
150 148.11
160 157.98
180 177.73
200 197.48
250 246.85
300 296.22
500 493.70
600 592.44
700 691.17
1000 987.39
1200 1184.87
1500 1481.09
2000 1974.78
2500 2468.47
3000 2962.16
5000 4937.60
6000 5925.12
10000 9873.52
15000 14810.28
20000 19747.04
50000 49367.60
100000 98735.20

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors determine exchange rates in Canada?

Exchange rates in Canada, like in any other country, are influenced by various factors, including interest rates, inflation, political stability, economic performance, and global market trends. Fluctuations in any of these factors can impact the value of the CAD against other currencies.

Will the value of the AUD against the CAD remain constant?

No, the value of the AUD against the CAD is not likely to remain constant as exchange rates are constantly changing due to various economic factors. The exchange rate between the AUD and CAD can fluctuate over time, potentially resulting in a higher or lower value for the AUD in comparison to the CAD.

Can I exchange AUD to CAD at a bank?

Yes, most banks offer currency exchange services that allow customers to convert AUD to CAD. However, it’s essential to note that bank exchange rates may not always be the most competitive, and you may find better rates from other currency exchange providers.

Is it possible to exchange AUD to CAD online?

Yes, many online currency exchange providers allow you to convert AUD to CAD, often offering better rates than banks. However, it’s essential to do your research and choose a reputable provider to ensure the security and timely delivery of your funds.

What is the Australian Dollar worth against the Canadian Dollar?

The exchange rate between the AUD and CAD can fluctuate frequently. As of March 6, 2023, 1 AUD is worth approximately 0.896 CAD.

In which countries is the CAD used as the legal tender?

CAD is used as the official currency in Canada. However, it may also be accepted as legal tender in some bordering regions of the United States due to its close proximity to Canada.


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