Sherlok is refinancing platform that employs Artificial Intelligence for forecasting the loan book churn and provide single click repricing and refinancing. The vision of the company is to frame larger loan books through tech-enabled solutions while simultaneously maintaining relationships with the existing clients.

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About of Sherlok

The goal of Sherlok is to assist mortgage brokers in retaining clients for a longer period, safeguarding their trail book income, and generating worthwhile refinancing leads. They had grown weary of banks charging a "loyalty tax"—a higher interest rate the longer a customer stays with the bank—while giving new mortgage customers better interest rates. So they devised a solution. The first automatic repricing and retention solution for house loans in Australia, Sherlok increases loan book growth while avoiding clawback commission.

Features and Benefits of Sherlok

Sherlok is one of the first companies to offer an automated client monitoring and retention solution. One of the most noteworthy features of Sherlok is that it uses its own AI to predict loan book churns. The company offers three paid plans and one 21-day free trial to potential clients.

Services Offered by Sherlok

Sherlok, an AI-powered platform, uses brokers' trail books to generate quality refinancing leads while automating repricing to assist brokers in keeping clients. Two things are predicted by AI technology: when a client will stop working with a broker and when a client is overpaying interest. The client's interest rate is then automatically reduced by Sherlok, potentially saving them thousands. Sherlok's goal is to assist everyone saves money with just one click while prioritising brokers and their clients. As a result, brokers' customers save thousands of dollars, brokers keep the customers longer, aggregators make more trail commissions longer, and lenders maintain their customers.

Sherlok is Australia's first automatic repricing and refinancing solution, created by brokers for brokers. During this presentation, Adam Grocke will talk about the work Sherlock is doing to help brokers manage their clients' continuous service experiences.

Sherlok predicts when a client will leave a broker, watches interest rates, finds out when a homeowner might be on a lower rate with their present lender, and automatically reprices the mortgage on the broker's behalf. Identify valuable refinancing opportunities from the broker's current trail book and send these leads directly to the broker's inbox. Sherlok compares client rates to those of other lenders.

Sherlok Refinance and reprice tool that brokers created for brokers. The AI engine at Sherlok keeps track of the current mortgage rates for your clients, automatically reprices the loan with their current lender, looks for quality refinancing prospects, and sends those leads right to your mailbox.

If the pricing is authorised, they will communicate the good news to your client via SMS and email. You won't have to do anything; the mortgage repricing will take place automatically (with your approval). To ensure that the vast majority of loans in your trail book may be repriced automatically, we have mapped the repricing processes of over 50 lenders. When we send the reprice request to the lender, Sherlok will also take care of any paperwork that needs to be signed by your client by pre-filling the form and forwarding it to them for their signature.

If a new rate is introduced, our algorithm will perform a refinance comparison to determine whether any cheaper rates are available for the loan profile of your clients. Next, on your behalf, SMS and email are delivered to your client with the two best new rates—one lowest variable rate and one lowest fixed rate. This will only take place if the homeowner can afford to refinance to a different lender. They won't be given refinancing choices, for instance, if they just save $100 a year. If it is $1,000 annually, refinancing choices will be given to them.

If you think your bank can offer a better home loan rate and you are unhappy with the current rate Sherlok is the best place for you. The finest brokers employ Sherlok, an automatic repricing tool, to help their customers—you—get that's a better rate on their existing loans.

Sherlok Opening Hours

Day of the Week Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 9:00 AM 10:00 AM
Tuesday 9:00 AM 10:00 AM
Wednesday 9:00 AM 10:00 AM
Thursday 9:00 AM 10:00 AM
Friday 9:00 AM 10:00 AM
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Sherlok Contact Details

South Australia Address Tusmore, South Australia, 5065, Australia
State Tusmore
City South Australia
South Australia Phone Number +61 1300664886
Customer Care Number 0400 271 607
Phone (Sherlok Complaints Number) +61 1300664886
Sherlok head office Address Tusmore, South Australia, 5065, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Sherlok?

Adam Grocke is the founder and CEO of Sherlok.

What is Sherlok known for?

Sherlok is Australia’s first and only retention and refinancing platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to forecast loan book churn and provide mortgage brokers with one-click repricing and refinancing. By retaining their current clients for longer and keeping them engaged, happy, and satisfied, aiding mortgage brokers in growing their loan books.

How do I contact Sherlok?

You can contact Sherlok by calling at +61 1300664886 or by mailing them to on [email protected].

Is Sherlok good?

Sherlok is a good loan lending company, and they help people by giving loans in return for mortgages.

Can I open up a Sherlok account online?

You can open up a Sherlok account online. You have to go to their official websites and then register your name and other details for an online account. After that, you can take advantage of all the facilities and get the money within a few minutes.

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