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Prime Capital is an expert in offering simple and quick loans to its potential customers. Over its 20 years in the business, the lender has helped thousands of Small and Medium Enterprises by lending loans of over $1 billion. With instant approvals within 24 hours and settlement within 5 working days, Prime Capital can help businesses and their clients Own their Future.

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  • Strict Age Restrictions.
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  • Strict lending policies.
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  • High Property Value for First Home Buyers.
  • Home Loan for Self-Employed.

Prime Capital

Institutional and private clients can both benefit from Prime Capital's tailored investment options and wealth management services. They use a disciplined investment strategy and draw upon their broad market knowledge and experience with a focus on maximising returns while lowering risk. They offer clients a complete financial solution by offering asset management, structured finance, and wealth management as part of their services. Through professional investment guidance, continual risk management, and a specialised approach to investment management, the organisation is dedicated to helping clients increase and protect their money. Prime Capital is committed to providing its clients with transparent, morally sound, and efficient investment management services.

Features & Benefits of Prime Capital

To name a few, Prime Capital provides the following features and advantages to its clients:

  1. Investment solutions that are specifically tailored to each client's needs and objectives are offered by Prime Capital. They are aware that every client is different, and their investment approach ought to reflect that.
  2. Portfolio management, retirement planning, estate planning, and tax planning are just a few of the wealth management services that the business provides.
  3. Expert Investment Advice: Prime Capital offers clients expert investment advice and guidance to assist them in making educated investment decisions. Prime Capital has a team of experienced investment professionals at its disposal.
  4. Risk management is a top priority for Prime Capital, and the company uses a number of measures to reduce risk and safeguard customer money.
  5. Expert Investment Advice: Prime Capital offers clients expert investment advice and guidance to assist them in making educated investment decisions. Prime Capital has a team of experienced investment professionals at its disposal.
  6. Risk management is a top priority for Prime Capital, and the company uses a number of measures to reduce risk and safeguard customer money.
  7. Market Knowledge & Skills: The organisation makes wise investment decisions and produces significant returns for clients by utilising its broad market knowledge and expertise.
  8. Ethical and Transparent Services: Prime Capital is dedicated to offering its clients ethical, transparent, and successful investment management services. They operate with a great degree of transparency and uphold a strong code of ethics.
  9. Personalized Approach: Prime Capital employs a personalised strategy for managing client investments by getting to know each client's particular requirements and objectives. They work hard to establish enduring bonds of trust and respect with their customers.

Services Offered by Prime Capital 

A provider of financial services, Prime Capital provides both individual and institutional clients with a variety of asset management and investing options. Prime Capital provides a variety of services, such as:

  • Asset Management: To assist clients in achieving their financial objectives, Prime Capital provides a variety of investment management services. In addition to alternative investments like hedge funds, real estate, and private equity, this can also encompass conventional asset classes like equities, bonds, and mutual funds. The firm builds portfolios that are tailored to the unique needs and objectives of its clients using a combination of research and experience.
  • Retirement Planning: To assist clients in preparing for their financial future, Prime Capital provides retirement planning services. This can involve creating a retirement income plan, picking the best retirement savings options, and making arrangements for future medical costs. In order to maximise retirement savings and guarantee a pleasant retirement, clients can get advice from the firm's advisors.
  • Solutions for Insurance: To assist clients in protecting their assets and income, Prime Capital offers insurance-related products and services. This can apply to annuities, life insurance, and health insurance. The company's insurance experts can assist clients in choosing the best coverage to suit their needs and objectives.
  • Tax Planning: To help clients reduce their tax payments and increase their after-tax returns, Prime Capital offers tax planning services. This can involve estate tax planning, retirement tax planning, and tax-efficient investment methods. The company's tax experts collaborate with clients to create a tax strategy that is suited to their individual requirements and objectives.

Types of Accounts in Prime Capital

  • Investment Accounts: This can refer to taxable individual or joint accounts, IRAs, and conventional brokerage accounts. Customers can invest in a range of financial products using these accounts, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and alternative investments.
  • Retirement Accounts: Employer-sponsored retirement plans, Roth IRAs, and standard IRAs are all available with Prime Capital. These accounts give customers the opportunity to save for retirement while enjoying tax benefits.
  • Trust Accounts: To assist clients in managing their assets and transferring them to future generations, Prime Capital offers trust accounts. This can apply to special needs trusts, living trusts, and testamentary trusts.

Accounts for insurance: Prime Capital provides accounts for insurance, including annuities and life insurance policies. These accounts can offer clients wealth and income protection as well as a source of retirement income.

Prime Capital Contact Details / Customer Service

Contact Details General Enquiries 1300766075 Broker Support 1300766076 Local 02 8599 0800
Email [email protected]
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Prime Capital?

Their business practices are efficient and open. One can interact closely with professionals and gain knowledge from them. Clients are very happy with their dependability and professionalism. On Facebook, on their website, and over the phone, they provide excellent services.

How do I contact Prime Capital?

You can contact them on 1300766076, 1300766075 and 02 8599 0800.

How much cash can I withdraw from Prime Capital ATM?

Your account type, the daily withdrawal limitations, and the particular ATM machine may all have an impact on how much cash you can withdraw from a Prime Capital ATM.

What is the minimum balance for Prime Capital?

You can start a Basic account with Prime Capital Invest for $250, which is around the average for the sector. To open an account and use premier brokerage services, you must have at least $500,000 in equity.

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