Newcastle Permanent Building Society Personal Loans



Newcastle Permanent Building Society Personal Loans

The Newcastle Permanent Building Society is one of Australia's largest and most well-known financial institutional societies. Founded in 1903, the Society has over a hundred branches nationwide. These include home loans, personal loans, savings accounts, and investment products, from mortgages to banking solutions for both individuals. The Society is committed to providing its members with competitive rates and excellent service and is widely regarded as a trusted and reliable provider of financial services.

Newcastle Permanent Building Society Personal Loans Rates

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Pros & Cons-Newcastle Permanent Building Society


  • Strict lending policies.
  • Home Loan for Self-Employed.
  • Signup Fees.
  • Customer Support.


  • High Property Value for First Home Buyers.
  • Strict Age Restrictions.

About Newcastle Permanent Personal Loans

The bank’s personal loans assist borrowers with personal expenses. Consumers can renovate their homes, plan a family vacation, cover medical costs or get a new car with the help of an NBPS personal loan. With various loans to choose from, the bank makes personal loans a truly accessible and beneficial banking product.

In this comprehensive piece, let’s look at the NBPS personal loan’s features, application process, eligibility and much more.

The bank also provides customer redressals via the web chat functionality. The bank’s web chat feature can be accessed on its official website.


  • Special emphasis on locals: Newcastle rose as an alternative to the major Australian banks. The bank primarily aims to offer financial assistance to Newcastle locals.
  • 2Easy Enquiry: Newcastle Permanent offers an online enquiry feature to its prospective borrowers. The customers can fill out a basic online enquiry form and submit their queries to the bank without visiting a branch physically.
  • Online Calculators: Digital Newcastle Permanent personal loan calculators can assist a borrower in making the right decision. Prospective borrowers can check their loan eligibility and gain amortisation schedules using the bank’s borrowing capacity and repayment calculators.
  • No Ongoing Account Fee: The bank levies zero ongoing account fees on NBPS personal loans to offer affordable credit services to its customers.
  • Excellent Customer Support: High customer satisfaction is among the primary merits of NBPS personal loans. Moreover, the bank has won several awards for its reliable and socially responsible banking services.


  • No Online Applications: While the bank has a sound offline presence, it does not offer online applications for its personal loans. However, the bank’s mobile application can access other banking services online.
  • Higher Interest Charges: While secured loans are relatively affordable, interest rates applicable on unsecured and partially secured loans may be higher for some customers.
  • Limited branch network: The bank’s branch network is heavily concentrated in Newcastle. Loan seekers from other areas may find it difficult to access NBPS personal loans.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Newcastle Permanent Personal Loan, a candidate should be:

  • At least 18.
  • A permanent Australian resident.
  • Permanently employed with a stable income.
  • Highly rated in terms of CREDIT scores.

How to Apply for a Newcastle Permanent Personal Loan?

NBPS personal loan applications are offered through offline modes. Personal loan seekers can visit their nearest Newcastle Permanent Bank branch. The bank agents present there will assist the customer with their loan eligibility, loan application and document verification. Using the bank's online branch finder, one can easily locate the nearest branch.

The bank does not offer online personal loan applications. While the bank’s official mobile app can manage accounts and access other services, one can apply for personal loans only via branch visits.

Documents Required for Newcastle Permanent Personal Loan

One must carry the following documents while applying for an NBPS personal loan. The banks use these documents to establish an applicant's borrowing capacity and repayment potential.

  • ID Proof: Passport/ Australian Driver’s License/ Proof of age card / Other acceptable documents
  • Income Proofs: Recent salary slips/ Personal taxation returns/ Payment summaries
  • Disclosure of existing debt: Statements disclosing pastor or ongoing loan repayments and liabilities.
  • Security Details: Registration, insurance, and other collateral details provided by the borrower.

Other documents: The bank can be contacted for details of other required documents.

Newcastle Permanent Personal Loan Calculators

The bank offers Personal Loan Borrowing Power Calculator and the Personal Loan Repayment Calculator. These calculators provide instant estimates through a user-friendly interface at no extra cost. Check out their details below.

Personal Loan Borrowing Power Calculator

This calculator helps individuals ascertain their borrowing capacity. Follow these basic steps to confirm the NBPS personal loan amounts you’re eligible for.

  • Log onto
  • Click on the ‘Personal and Car Loans’ option.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the ‘Personal Loan Borrowing Capacity Calculator.
  • Carefully enter the ‘Income’ and ‘Expenses’ details.
  • Click on submit and gain the desired estimates.

Personal Loan Repayment Calculator

The bank’s repayment calculator provides repayment and amortisation charts of a personal loan in these simple steps:

  • Log onto
  • Click on the ‘Personal and Car Loans’ option.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the ‘Personal Loan Repayment Calculator’.
  • Carefully enter the loan details.
  • Click on submit and gain the desired estimates.

Newcastle Permanent’s Customer Support

NBPS is known for outstanding customer support and friendly staff. Newcastle Permanent Personal Loan seekers can access the bank’s customer care services in several ways.

Helpline Number

The bank can be contacted at its official customer care numbers. Australian customers: 13 19 87 Overseas costumes: +612 4907 6501

Branch Visit

A prospective borrower can locate the bank’s nearest branch at


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the interest rates the Newcastle Permanent Bank offers on personal loans?

NBPS personal loans are offered at an interest rate of 6.49% p.a. for secured loans and 8.99% p.a. for unsecured and partially secured loans.

What is the minimum and maximum limit of NBPS personal loan amounts?

Newcastle Bank’s personal loans can be availed for a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $50,000.

What is the loan term for a Newcastle Permanent Personal loan?

The bank’s personal loans are available for a maximum of 7 years.

How can I gain EMI estimates on the bank’s personal loan?

A personal loan seeker can calculate their EMI estimates by entering details of the loan amount, tenure and interest rate in the bank’s Personal Loan Repayment Calculator.

How can I access the bank’s customer care service for personal loans?

The bank offers customer service to its personal loan customers via its helpline number. Australian citizens can contact the bank at 13 19 87.

What happens if I miss a payment on my NBPS personal loan?

Skipping a loan repayment invites penalties from the bank. The bank levies a fine of $35 on skipping one instalment and $50 per month if more than one is pending. The bank may forfeit the collateral and take legal action upon further defaults.

Are Newcastle Permanent Personal loans available to individuals with bad credit scores or no credit history?

Applicants with low credit scores can get a personal loan if they can gain the bank’s trust. The bank may be extra cautious while extending the loan and levy higher interest rates to safeguard itself against potential risks.


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