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National Australia Bank is one of ""The Big Four"" financial institutions in Australia. Well known by the name NAB, it secured the 21st position as the largest bank based on market capitalisation in 2019. NAB provides personal, business and corporate products and services to approximately 9 million customers. Majorly it operates in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. "

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    Public Bank

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    Banking, financial services

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Pros & Cons-National Australia Bank


  • Strict lending policies.
  • Strict Age Restrictions.
  • Customer Support.


  • Signup Fees.
  • High Property Value for First Home Buyers.
  • Home Loan for Self-Employed.

About NAB

National Bank of Australia merged with the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney on October 1, 1981. The Bank scale and the connectivity help to tackle the biggest challenges faced by the businesses and community. The Bank has been focusing on taking climate action, supporting affordable and specialist housing, and supporting indigenous businesses.

The operating financial areas are Australia and New Zealand, with other businesses located in Asia, the UK, and the US.

Features and Benefits of NAB

NAB operates to provide the best features and benefits to the customers and always works to provide the best services through which the community can prosper. The best features and benefits of NAB can be discussed as follows:

NAB means more than Money (Look Beyond) - NAB always supports customers and works to benefit the community and the environment. They have a team of experts to guide you properly. Some of the initiatives taken by the Bank-

  • Work for the customers and the community. Through grants and partnerships, giving to those who need it most.
  • Taking environmental and social action. The Bank invests in the community and the environment to create a sustainable and inclusive future.
  • The Bank is very much passionate about sponsorship and is committed to fostering those at both local and national levels.

Feel Secure at NAB- NAB always works to provide secured transaction options through online platforms. So connect to NAB and learn how to stay safe online by following the security tips provided by the Bank. Stay connected with the Bank and learn about the latest safety rules. Stay updated on how the Bank is working to keep you safe and ways that you can protect yourself from scams.

Easy Accessibility at NAB- The Bank is always functioning to make the Bank accessible to the people. The Bank ensures it meets all the needs of the customers. They are constantly working towards ensuring that all the Bank's products, services, and platforms are available and accessible to everyone. It includes-

  • Branch, ATM, and payment accessibility
  • Mobile App Accessibility
  • Web Accessibility
  • Workplace Accessibility
  • Interpreter services for customers with limited English
  • Ending support for the Internet Explorer browser

Services Offered by the NAB

The best of the services offered by Heart Land Bank could satisfy the customer's needs. This can be discussed as follows:

Personal Loans

With an unsecured personal loan, you can meet your needs, like buying a car, consolidating your debts, renovating your home, traveling, buying personal stuff, and other needs.


  • Customers can apply for the loan online.
  • The loan application process is simple.
  • A low-interest rate on personal loans.

Home Loans

Home loans with the best offers and discounts are available from the Bank. In addition, the Bank offers the most featured rates. So, if you are ready to buy the property, contact the Bank and avail the best offers.


  • Low-interest rate home loans.
  • Flexible plans are available to suit individual needs.
  • Easy to apply.

Personal Credit Card Facility

The Bank offers credit cards so that you can use the card and go for easy payment options. There are various cards to offer, like the NAB straight-up Card, NAB Low rate credit card, NAB Low fee credit card, NAB Qantas Rewards Credit cards, and NAB Reward credit cards. So avail any of the cards to fulfil your needs.


  • Low-interest rates.
  • Rewards on fulfilling reward goals.

Business Loans and Finance

With the help of Business Loans and Finance, you can see your business grow. You can manage your cash flow, purchase stock or inventory, and grow your Business with our wide range of loans for small businesses.


  • Loan with a low-interest rate.
  • Manage your loan remotely without visiting the bank.

Business Credit Cards

The core function of a business credit card is to provide short-term access to funds. These cards can help businesses make purchases while waiting for incoming or slow customer payments. With the benefit of interest-free days, businesses may also improve their cash flow.


  • Low transaction charges.
  • No hidden maintenance changes.
  • Rewards on transactions.

Online Banking Facility

The online Banking Facility gives you easy access through online digital platforms. There are different forms of banking facilities like NAB connect, and NAB connects mobile app, NAB direct link, and Internet Banking for Business.


  • Easy to manage transactions and funds from anywhere.
  • Safe to use.
  • Customer support is available for help.

Types of Accounts in NAB

The types of accounts maintained in NAB are as follows-

The personal accounts include the following types-

Savings Account- The right savings account help to fulfill your financial goals. This NAB savings account helps to you have easy access to your savings. In addition, there are NAB reward savers and NAB iSaver savings accounts.


  • Complementary debit and credit cards for select clients.
  • Access to netbanking.

Term Deposit- Through this account, you can enjoy a competitive interest rate and choose a term that suits your needs.


  • High-Interest rate on deposit.
  • Customizable plans to suit individual needs.

Joint Bank Accounts- You can open a joint account online. This account helps simplify spending and can boost your shared savings. In addition, you can securely open any of the accounts as a joint account.

  • NAB Classic Banking account
  • NAB iSaver
  • NAB Reward Saver
  • NAB Term Deposit


  • Accounts can be operated by both account holders or either of them too.
  • Attractive rewards.
  • High-interest rate.

Spriggy Accounts (money skills for kids)-This app helps kids learn how to earn, spend and save. In this way, the Kids learn important money skills by managing their own money and having fun while they do it.

  • Parents have access to monitor transactions.
  • The safest account for children.

The Business accounts include the following types-

Business Transaction Accounts- You can find business banking solutions through this account. This account has been designed to suit your everyday business banking needs, for businesses large and small, from Australia's biggest business bank. There are NAB Business everyday accounts (with a $0 monthly fee) and NAB Business everyday accounts (a $10 monthly fee).


  • A zero maintenance fee account is available.
  • Customized plans for each business.

Business Savings and Deposit Accounts- Business Savings and Deposit Accounts are easy-to-use accounts for Businesses and help you make out more of the extra cash. The two most popular Business Savings and Deposit Accounts are NAB Business Cash Maximiser and NAB Business Term Deposit.


  • A cash maximizer account is a lucrative investment for any business
  • The Business Savings Account is a high-interest account.

Specialised Accounts- This type of deposit account is for Specialised transactions, and FX is designed for the industry or community group's needs. The accounts have been designed to make running your business a little easier while making the most of your money. Some of the specialised accounts are NAB Foreign Currency Account, NAB Business Interest Account, NAB Business Cash Maximizer Account, NAB Farm Management Account, NAB Farm Management Deposit, Nab Statutory Trust Account, and others.


  • A smoother transaction process.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Caters to business needs.

NAB Opening Hours

Given below are the contact details of NAB Australia, which you can use in case of any doubts or queries:

Day of the Week Opening Time (AEDT) Closing Time (AEST/AEDT)
Monday 8.00 AM 7.00 PM
Tuesday 8.00 AM 7.00 PM
Wednesday 8.00 AM 7.00 PM
Thursday 8.00 AM 7.00 PM
Friday 8.00 AM 7.00 PM
Saturday closed closed
Sunday closed closed

NAB Contact Details

Given below are the contact details of the Heart Land Bank Australia, which you can use in case of any doubts or queries:

NAB Address Level 4, 800 Bourke Street, Docklands, VIC, Australia
State Melbourne
City Australia
NAB Phone Number 61-3-8641-3500
Customer Care Number 1300 308 175
Phone (NAB Complaints Number) 61-3-8641-3500
NAB head office Address Level 4, 800 Bourke Street, Docklands, VIC, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is NAB?

NAB operates smoothly and deals in a decent manner with the customer. The process is so easy to set up different accounts and especially to create savings accounts and use their calculators and savings goals features to plan and save effectively.

Who is the owner of NAB?

National Australia Bank Limited (NAB) is a locally-owned public company, that derives revenue through the provision of banking services, leasing, housing, and general finance, international, investment, and private banking wealth management services, custodian, trustee, and nominee services, and credit and access card facilities.

How much cash can I withdraw from NAB ATM?

You can take out cash in $20 and $50 notes, up to $2,000 per card, per day. You can insert your card or simply tap if you have a NAB or UBank card with the contactless symbol and you are at a NAB ATM with a contactless reader.

What is the minimum balance for NAB?

With the NAB Classic Banking account, meet your everyday bank account. You can have easy access to your money every day with no monthly account or overdrawn fees.

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