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HomeStart Finance aims at easing the affordability of homes for the major population in a plethora of ways. The company was formed as a statutory corporation and has assisted about 71,000 South Australians to crush any impediments to homeownership with HomeStart Finance’s unique home loan products.

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Pros & Cons-HomeStart Finance


  • Strict lending policies.
  • High Property Value for First Home Buyers.
  • Home Loan for Self-Employed.
  • Customer Support.


  • Strict Age Restrictions.
  • Signup Fees.

About HomeStart Finance

HomeStart has been operating for the past 33 years. The data reveals that HomeStart has helped 81000 South Australians to own their homes. The HomeStart has strategic plans for 2021-2024; the team has built a strong purpose to fulfill with strong commitments to invest in people and to achieve the goal of providing homes to the ones who need them.

They work for the theme to help people to acquire their dream homes. They always work for the customer's benefit and welfare.HomeStart has a huge range of innovative loans that can reduce upfront costs and give you more borrowing power.HomeStart Finance services evolve around three pillars-achievement, integrity, and simplicity. They always work for customers' values, interests, and needs. The corporation employs approximately 110 people, and the headquarter is in Adelaide, South Australia.

Features and Benefits of HomeStart Finance

HomeStart Finance is a home loan service company based in Australia that offers a variety of loans and services to assist people in purchasing their own homes. Some of the key features and benefits of HomeStart Finance include the following:

  • Low deposit loans: HomeStart Finance offers low deposit loans to help people struggling to save a large deposit. This can be a great option for first-time home buyers or low-income buyers.
  • Affordable repayments: The company offers a range of loan options with affordable repayments that suit different budgets and lifestyles.
  • First home buyer assistance: HomeStart Finance offers assistance for first home buyers, including grants, incentives, and resources to help make buying a home easier.
  • Flexible loan options: The company offers flexible loan options, including variable and fixed interest rates, redraw facilities, and additional repayments without penalty fees.

Services Offered by HomeStart Finance

Given below are some of the services provided by the HomeStart Finance

Low Deposit, Loans-Low Deposit Loans include Home Loans, Graduate Loans, Low Deposit Loans, and HomeStart Home Loans.

Our Home Loans-HomeStart provides home loans at an affordable interest rate so that anyone can avail of the loans and get into their homes.

Graduate Loans - This loan is a low-deposit loan with flexible loan options. Graduates with certificates III or IV, diplomas, bachelor degrees, or higher qualifications. They can buy from as little as a 2% deposit or build from a 5% deposit. This loan helps you buy a home sooner and is a good option for first-home buyers.

Low Deposit Loans - Low Deposit Loans offer a low deposit option for buying homes in metropolitan South Australia. This loan is a very good option for buyers buying homes for the first time. But the important criteria to qualify for the loan need a clear credit score and a good savings history. You can go for it with as low as a 3% deposit and realize your goal with less money upfront.

HomeStart Home Loans - You can start with as little as a 5% deposit to buy an existing home or an 8% deposit to build with the standard HomeStart loans. In addition, the loan reflects flexible interest rates and repayment options. Through this loan, you can have the option of an existing home, build, refinance, buy the land now, or build later.

Borrowing Boost Loans -Borrowing Boost Loans include services Boost your borrowing power, Shared Equity Option, Advantage Loan, Starter Loan, and Wyatt Loan

Boost your borrowing power - Boost your borrowing power and borrow more without increasing your monthly repayment status. This can be possible with the HomeStart secondary loan. These loans are added to the HomeStart, Graduate, or Low Deposit loans to increase your borrowing power. These loans have lower interest rates in comparison to CPI.

Shared Equity Option - The Shared Equity Option allows borrowing up to approximately 25% of the price of the purchase. It gives you the options of an interest-free and repayment-free loan.You can always enjoy the benefits of such options and go for hassle-free loans.

Advantage Loan - This is the additional loan. People earning under $65000 per annum can take up to $70000 loan to meet the requirements. The Advantage loan helps to boost your borrowing power and thus helps you to have more options to choose from when you are planning to buy a property. The Advantage loan is combined with another HomeStart loan to enhance your borrowing power.

Starter Loan - When you find it difficult to save enough money for a deposit and manage upfront costs to buy your dream home or buy a property, the Starter Loan helps a lot. The Starter loan can provide you with up to $10,000 and offers you an interest and repayment-free period of up to five years. Thus a great way to start with.

Wyatt Loan - This is a special feature loan for a limited-income group. The Wyatt loan provides you with $12,000 for the fees, deposit, and charges and also ensures a repayment-free tenure and interest for approximately five years.

Unlock the Homes Equity - Unlock the Homes Equity includes the features like Seniors Equity Loan, Home Equity Loan

Seniors Equity Loan - Experience the value of your home and maintain a good lifestyle with the Seniors Equity Loan. The loan is available when you own or nearly own your home in South Australia for only residential use. Some of the great features-

  • This is a no-account keeping fee. The Seniors Equity Loan allows you to access extra funds when in need.
  • Easy repayments- You can make repayments or defer repaying loans until the house is sold or the last co-borrower moves out or passes away.
  • The amount you can borrow depends on the value of your home and age.

Home Equity Loan - This is a loan type that enables existing customers to tap into and unlock the equity of their homes. This enables easier access to equity in the home and is readily available. Home-Related expenses include repairs, home improvements, water and council rates and maintenance. Non-house-related expenses include holidays, new motor vehicles, debt consolidation of personal loans or credit cards, and medical treatment. Expenses related to any non-housing categories cannot go beyond $20,000 in one transaction.

Types of Accounts in HomeStart Finance

The Home Loan Account- The home loan account provides financing to purchase your dream home smoothly and comfortably. The lenders will offer coverage for 75-90% of the cost of the home and the customer needs to pay the initial payment (the down payment amount) amounting to the remainder. Home loans ensure sufficient funds at a competitive interest rate and are accompanied by longer repayment durations.

HomeStart Finance Opening Hours

Given below are the contact details of HomeStart Finance, which you can use in case of any doubts or queries:

Day of the Week Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 8.30 AM 5.00 PM
Tuesday 8.30 AM 5.00 PM
Wednesday 8.30 AM 5.00 PM
Thursday 8.30 AM 5.00 PM
Friday 8.30 AM 5.00 PM
Saturday 8.30 AM 5.00 PM
Sunday 8.30 AM 5.00 PM

HomeStart Finance Contact Details

Given below are the contact details of HomeStart Finance, which you can use in case of any doubts or queries:

HomeStart FinanceAddress Level 5, 169 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000
State Adelaide
City Australia
HomeStart Finance Phone Number 1300 636 878
Customer Care Number 8203 4081
Phone (HomeStart FinanceComplaints Number) 8203 4081
HomeStart Finance head office Address Level 5, 169 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is HomeStart Finance?

HomeStart Finance is a good organization. The good customer care service provides good customer care service. They have a good range of innovative loans that can reduce your upfront costs and increase your borrowing power.

Who is the Owner of HomeStartFinance?

HomeStart Finance is a State Government-owned corporation that promotes and facilitates home ownership in South Australia by providing home loans and other forms of financial assistance to low to moderate-income earners.

How much cash can I withdrawfromHomeStart Finance ATM?

The daily limit for a withdrawal can also be set by the account holder. The card withdrawal limit can be set up to $1,000 using the HomeStart Finance ATM.

What is the minimum balance for HomeStart Finance?

HomeStart offers the lowest minimum balance. HomeStart can provide loans with as little as a 3% deposit and we do not charge LMI.

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