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Deposit Assure, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia help its customers to achieve their dream of owning a property by offering deposit bonds. A depositor gets pre-approved for the bonds within 15 minutes. There is also an availability of a concierge service. The deposits of Deposit Assure are underwritten by OBE and have an A+ Stable credit rating. Etienne Rizzo is the CEO of Australia’s first digital deposit bond issuing company.

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  • Strict lending policies.
  • Customer Support.


  • High Property Value for First Home Buyers.
  • Signup Fees.
  • Home Loan for Self-Employed.
  • Strict Age Restrictions.

About Deposit Assure

Deposit Assure has made the mark as an innovative provider of deposit bonds. These bonds are underwritten by QBE, one of Australia's most respected and recognized insurance companies. Deposit Assure is a financial firm. The firm provides services like fixed deposits, savings, and property purchasing services. They work in close association with mortgage brokers, conveyancers, lenders, and developers. They give direct access to the deposit bond service with quality expert advice and resources. They provide them with every resource they need to help their clients. They always are looking for new and better ways to do this and satisfy their clients.

Features and Benefits of Deposit Assure

Some of the most in-demand features and benefits of Deposit Assure are as follows-

  • They work to help people to realise their property dreams.
  • They provide the smarter approach of using cash to secure the property purchase.
  • They always provide the required assistance to help customers to fulfil their dreams.
  • They work in association with mortgage brokers, conveyancers, lenders, and developers so that they can create direct access to their deposit bond service with quality expert advice and resources,
  • They have an expert team, and they are genuine and dependable
  • They are transparent and always work for the benefit of their clients
  • They are very friendly, approachable, and personal.

Services Offered by Deposit Assure

The best of the services offered by Deposit Assure Bank could satisfy the customer's needs. This can be discussed as follows:

The Deposit Bond- When planning to buy a property, like buying land, you have to provide a certain amount of cash deposit. Normally, it varies normally up to 10% of the purchase price. This amount deposited guarantees the commitment of the buyer to the contract of sale.

  • You can borrow 100% of the purchase price with the loan funds only available at the time of settlement.
  • The Purchasers do not have the cash deposit when entering into a contract of sale.
  • Purchasers or investors who have their assets tied up in property and are cash poor.
  • Buying and selling can happen simultaneously;
  • Your cash is working harder for you elsewhere, like your offset account, and it can make financial sense to use a deposit bond instead.

Deposit Assure makes it faster and easier to access the deposit bond. The strong deposit bond is backed by QBE insurance. In addition, Deposit Assure provides unrivalled customer service.

Flexi Deposit Bond- The Flexi Bond provides immediate benefits for the clients and is fitted for those looking to buy at auction or who have yet to find the property.

The Flexi bonds allow the purchasers to acquire to obtain the pre-approved deposit bond that can be used to bid at multiple auctions or to have at the ready when they finally secure a property. When the client has found a property or has acquired a successful auction, the deposit is updated, including the specific details of the purchase.

The advantages of the Flexi Bonds are as follows-

  • If you do not win, you need not pay
  • There is no upfront fee means no need for refunds if you are not successful in securing your property
  • It is valid for 6 months and can be extended for an additional 6 months with NO fee
  • You need to pay the FEE once you successfully secure the property.

Types of Accounts in Deposit Assure

The Transaction Account- This is an everyday account with a debit card you can use to buy things and withdraw cash at an ATM.

Savings Account- This is an account that has been designed to help you save your money. Usually, an online account with withdrawal restrictions makes it harder to dip into your savings.

Deposit Assure Opening Hours

Given below are the contact details of Deposit Assure Australia, which you can use in case of any doubts or queries:

Day of the Week Opening Time (AEDT) Closing Time (AEDT)
Monday 9.00 AM 5.00 PM
Tuesday 9.00 AM 5.00 PM
Wednesday 9.00 AM 5.00 PM
Thursday 9.00 AM 5.00 PM
Friday 9.00 AM 5.00 PM
Saturday closed closed
Sunday closed closed

Deposit Assure Contact Details

Given below are the contact details of Deposit Assure Australia, which you can use in case of any doubts or queries:

Deposit Assure Bank Address 106 Maribyrnong St, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia
State Victoria
City Australia
Deposit Assure Bank Phone Number +61 1300798797
Customer Care Number +61 1300798797
Phone (Deposit Assure Bank Complaints Number) +61 1300798797

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Deposit Assure?

The Deposit Assure works for the customer’s benefit. If you are locked away with the equity or if you are borrowing 100% of the funds- they are ready t help you get into your property faster. Deposit Assure deposit bonds are backed by QBE Insurance (Australia) Pty Ltd, the only Australian-based underwriter for deposit bonds.

Who is the owner of Deposit Assure?

Etienne Rizzo is the Co-founder and CEO of Deposit Assure.

How do I contact Deposit Assure?

The Deposit Assure works to provide the best possible customer experience. They always try to provide the exact information to the customer and solve their queries as fast as possible. The expert team remains active in addressing any type of query. You can always contact customer care through the click-on button option, or else you can connect them by phone at +61 1300 798 797.

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