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Capital Finance Austalia Limited is an expert offering top-notch financial solutions and customer services across a host of industries to help clients meet their financial and business objectives. Since 1995, the company has been a leader in equipment finance and commercial vehicle and holds expertise across a diverse range of industries.

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Capital Finance Australia Limited

Calling Barangaroo,Australia its home it is one of Australia's largest non banking  financial institutions specializing in asset finance the company provides financing and personal loans for a wide range of industries and assets.With over 201-500 employees in its family Capital Finance Australia  limited creates strong collaboration and cooperation amongst its employees and customers. The various financing solutions that the company offers are  motor finance solutions,  motor vehicle loans, asset purchase, finance leases, chattel mortgages,  motorbike finance and dealer finance and services. Capital Finance markets and proposes  its services to commercial, private, and government sectors . With  intensive financial service the company provides all round solutions to its customers and potential customers. Specialists in financing and top class financing service provider the company strives to help its customers to achieve their business goals and solve their finance problems.

Services offered

The ultramodern and customer centric financial services Capital Finance offers are plenty in number. The non banking company provides commercial,property and personal financing for many different businesses and ventures.  Other services provided by the company are mortgages,aviation loans,marine financing,automotive loans,construction loans. They are asset financiers working in the finance sector of Australia with diligence. Specializing in commercial vehicle and equipment finance since 1995. The customers can apply for loans over the telephone and in person coming into the half a dozen branches of the company spread across Australia.


The range of top market and competitive financial solutions the company provides to customers and businesses are one of the best financial services available in Australia. With excellent customer service and easy finance solutions the company helps customers to realize their goals. The specialist team of advisors and financiers work across the length and breadth of Australia and have spread their wings in sectors like,

  • Commercial financier for the government
  • Multinationals
  • Public and private companies.

The team of experts have successfully managed to offer financial solutions to the customers according to their individual needs and wants. The undaunting and unwavering dedication from the specialist team of Capital Finance have helped many organizations and businesses to fulfill their goals. Let us now understand the various services offered by the company,

  • Rental/operating lease: this is a service in which an asset is purchased by the company on the request of the customer and then rented back to the customer for a fixed period of time and amount. This is a most suitable financing policy for business owners who are seeking to minimize asset ownership risks or for businesses who look for constant asset upgradation. In this kind of financial arrangement the customer has certain options ,

     1.extend the contract 2.Purchase the asset 3.Return the asset.

  • Finance Lease: the asset is purchased and then leased back to the customer for a fixed period of time.
  • Commercial loan/chattel mortgage: the asset is owned and purchased by the customer and then the loan is provided keeping the asset as security.
  • Hire purchase: the asset is purchased by the company and then bought back by the customer through installment payment,the asset is owned by the company until the payment is made in full.
  • Novated Lease: lease agreement is made for financing cars for personal use and employees through the process of salary sacrifice, the car is owned by the company but can be bought by the employees.


Various industries and many organizations are in financial collaboration with Capital Finance Australia. Industrial finance includes,

  • Civil construction: the proper equipment is one of the most important parts of a construction business,Capital Finance ensures the perfect equipment is financed for the business to succeed.
  • Manufacturing: financial solutions are provided to the manufacturing sector.
  • Education; Capital Finance helps schools and colleges to buy educational equipment and vehicles.
  • Health and aged care: with the development in modern medicine healthcare and medical equipment is a necessary necessity for healthcare institutions and Capital finance helps the customer to acquire these equipment through financing.
  • Local government: financial solutions and top notch customer care.
  • Transport: transportation equipment is financed by Capital finance.

Capital Finance Australia Limited opening hours

Mentioned below are the opening hours of the Capital Finance Australia Limited., for the reference of the customer.

Day of the Week Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 8.30 AM 6  PM
Tuesday 8.30 AM 6  PM
Wednesday 8.30 AM 6  PM
Thursday 8.30 AM 6  PM
Friday 8.30 AM 6  PM
Saturday(customer service) closed closed
Sunday(customer service) closed closed
Saturday (faults and technical support) closed closed
Sunday (faults and technical support) closed closed

Capital Finance Australia Limited contact details

Mentioned  below are the contact details of Capital Finance Australia, which you can use in case of any doubts or queries:

 Address 200 Barangaroo Ave Barangaroo, New South Wales 2000, AU
State New South Wales ,Australia
City Barangaroo
Phone Number 1300 300 309
Customer Care Number 1300 300 309
Phone (complaints)   1300 300 309
Suncorp Bank head office Address 200 Barangaroo Ave Barangaroo, New South Wales 2000, AU

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Capital Finance?

One of the foremost and asset financiers  in the country, it was established in 1995. This financial services company has dominated the finance sector for a long time. They provide top market services and are essentially customer centric. Benefits and privileges are offered to the customers. Various types of operating methods and easy accessibility are the key features of this company.

Who is the owner of Capital finance?

Birthed in 1995 and formerly owned by Lloyds Banking Group,Capital Finance Was acquired by Westpac in 2013.

How do I contact Capital finance?

The company can be contacted in three ways: the address of the head office  is,  200 Barangaroo Ave,Barangaroo, New South Wales 2000, and the website is

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