The BankSA, also known as the Bank of South Australia, is a financial institution that provides various banking products and services to its customer base across the country. This subsidiary of Westpac is the largest bank in South Australia. The bank caters to its personal, business and corporate clientele. The bank offers customers lucrative schemes and attractive interest rates on various products. Currently, customers with BankSA can avail of a $4,000 cashback on home loan products.

  • Bank Type

    Subsidiary Bank

  • Founded


  • Headquarters


  • Industry

    Finance and insurance

  • Formerly/Predecessor

    Savings Bank of South Australia State Bank of South Australia Bank of South Australia (F)

  • Subsidiaries


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Pros & Cons-BankSA


  • Strict lending policies.
  • Signup Fees.
  • Strict Age Restrictions.
  • Customer Support.


  • Home Loan for Self-Employed.
  • High Property Value for First Home Buyers.

About BankSA

BankSA had humble beginnings as it was established as a one-person outfit where the investors could park their corpus. But in the current scenario, this financial institution is an important fabric of South Australian society. In 1984, the bank merged with the State Bank of South Australia and was transformed into a state-owned bank. The bank disintegrated in 1991, owing to the percentage of the non-performing assets exceeding 30% in the books. It is still regarded as one of the most severe economic disasters that the state experienced.

But the bank recovered from the crisis and was listed as BankSA by 1997. The bank soon became an integral division of the Westpac Banking corporation posts its merger with the group in 2008. The BankSA boast a large network of branches and ATMs catering to the financial and investment requirement of its vast customer base in the Southern Australian region. 

Features & Benefits of BankSA

The BankSA is a financial institution that offers a variety of features and benefits to its customer base in Southern Australia. The bank offers sophisticated tech-enabled solutions to facilitate various banking activities. 

Internet Banking 

  • Evaluate and manage transaction history 
  • Facilitate transfers and payments 
  • Overseas Fund allocation 
  • Plan recurring payment 
  • Obtain e-statement on accounts 
  • SMS and E-mail alerts 


The E-statements are an environmental-friendly and paperless account statement that an account holder can conveniently access from their online banking account. The BankSA has established a quick and easy for the account holder to facilitate the process. The account holder must click on the ‘Manage my account and select ‘switch to statements.’ This procedure can also be concluded from mobile banking.  

Dispute Credit Card Transactions

The bank allows the cardholder to dispute a transaction through their Net Banking account. The credit card holder with the bank is required to implement the following steps:

  • Log into the internet banking account the account holder maintains with the bank
  • Select the ‘Dispute the Transaction’ tab. 
  • Follow the steps mentioned on the account.

This process can also be concluded from Mobile Banking. 

Change your ATM, and EFTPOS Cash Withdrawal Limit 

The accountholder with BankSA can facilitate the process of changing their cash withdrawal limit on the ATM and EFTPOS through internet banking. The daily withdrawal limit can be between $0 - $200, which can be obtained via credit card through an ATM.

  • Access the internet banking account. 
  • Click on ‘manage your account. 
  • Select the ‘Manage your ATM and EFTPOS Cash limit.’ 
  • Accurately follow the steps featured on the screen.

It is to be noted that this facility is not availed of from netbanking in case the account holder possesses the following cards:

  • Corporate and Business Vantage Card 
  • Corporate Credit Cards 
  • Corporate accounts 
  • Freedom Cards 
  • Heritage Cards

Services Offered by BankSA

The BankSA is one of the most renowned financial institutions and has always provided intricate services and products to cater to the banking requirements of its customer base. 

Concession Account 

Citizens who hold a Health care card, Commonwealth Senior Health Card, or Pensioner Concession Card can apply for a concession account. 

EFTPOS Now Terminals 

The EFTPOS Now terminals of the BankSA provide various features to its users. Touch screen PIN-enabled for visually impaired cardholders to facilitate convenient usage. Cardholders can avail of different font sizes and contrast options and stimulate accessibility through audio instructions. The step-by-step guide available at the terminals allows first-time users to grasp the intricacies of the procedure. 

Debit Cards

The debit cards offered by BankSA possess various built-in features that accentuate their accessibility. The tactile raised braille dots allow the visually impaired customers to recognise their respective credit cards, and the accessibility notch allows the card user to attune their cards with the Point of sale machine or ATM. 

Credit Cards 

Credit cards are feature-rich and aim to increase accessibility through raised braille dots and accessibility notch. The braille dot represents the letter ‘C’ for visually impaired customers. The accessibility notch allows the card to orientate towards the ATM or point of sale machine. 

Extra Care Flag

This facility is designed to cater to the customers' requirements with the bank at the earliest. The extra care flag is raised by a customer who prioritises the query, which can be regaled by the online and offline customer services established by the BankSA.

Types of Accounts in BankSA

The BankSA offers the following accounts to the customers where they can safely park their corpus:

Everyday Account 

The everyday account allows customers to access their funds at their discretion. The account holder can access their money from the comfort of their home. Almost everyone can apply for this account, from students to retirees. 

Savings Account 

The savings account offered by BankSA allows customers to park their funds and earn lucrative interest returns on their savings. The accountholders can invest in the account on a long-term and short-term basis. One can also select whether they want the funds allocated to be accessible or in a lock-in period. The account holders can manage and evaluate their transactions with the account through internet banking services. The BankSA offers a $0 account-keeping fee from its customers. 

Term Deposit 

The term deposit scheme from the BankSA is an investment instrument that allows investors to generate substantial returns on their corpus. The investment tenure ranges from 12 to 23 months, and the interest rate is up to 4% per annum. An account holder can establish a term deposit account with an initial $1,000. An additional interest rate of 0.10% is offered to the depositors if they open or renew their term deposits online.

BankSA Opening Hours

The BankSA opening hours for customers are mentioned in the table below:

Day  Timings 
Monday  9:30 am: 4:00 pm
Tuesday  9:30 am: 4:00 pm
Wednesday  9:30 am: 4:00 pm
Thursday  9:30 am: 4:00 pm
Friday  9:30 am: 4:00 pm

BankSA Contact Details / Customer Service

BankSA customer service numbers are mentioned in the table below:

General Inquiries  13 13 76 
Phone Banking  1800 804 411 
Business Banking  13 33 22
Lost or Stolen Card  1800 028 208 (Within Australia) 

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is BankSA?

The BankSA is one of the most renowned financial institutions that cater to the banking requirements of the customer base in Southern Australia.

Who owns BankSA?

The BankSA comes under the umbrella of the Westpac Banking Corporation.

How do I contact BankSA?

The customer can reach out to various online and offline avenues set by the bank to inquire about the various financial and investment products offered by BankSA.

How much cash can I withdraw from BankSA?

The maximum amount an account holder can withdraw from their account is based on the withdrawal limit set by them.

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